Strange problem with UPNP and port triggering

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by olrt, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. olrt

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    I have a WRT54G.
    Behind it I have the French "Freebox" : a triple play modem

    I receive video streams using VLC on my PC
    from the Freebox with RTSP.

    I configured port triggering on the WRT54G so as
    to open incoming UDP RTSP ports when VLC connects
    to the Freebox through outgoing port 554.
    UPNP is enabled.

    This works ok.

    The problem is :

    When I connect with MSN Messenger, VLC stops
    receiving the video stream.
    So I have to restart the video stream from VLC,
    which retriggers the triggering port (554).

    I learnt that MSN Messenger uses UPNP.
    So my understanding is that when MSN Messenger
    connects, it sends an UPNP request to the WRT54G
    so as to open some ports.

    The bug is that when the WRT54G processes MSN Messenger's
    UPNP request, it shutdowns all the open ports that
    are setup in the triggering ports :-(

    Surprisingly, when I setup port forwarding to my PC,
    the problem disappears.

    I looked at the change log of the Linksys firmware but
    this problem doesn't seem to be adressed :-(
  2. olrt

    olrt Network Guru Member

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