strange signal loss problems with SP1

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by RooX911, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. RooX911

    RooX911 Network Guru Member

    First tiem i have used DD-WRT, went mini, then standard flash. Reset everything as per instructions.

    Using a WrT54GL.

    Now this isnt very scientific but i have a squeezebox 3 that im trying to get the best wireless signal to. With the latest linksys firmware im averaging 60% signal strength using the squeezebox's information display.

    When i flash to the latest DD-WRT, im down i nthe low 20's. after boosting to 90'ish im sstill only in the high 40's low 50's according to the SB3

    any ideas why the signal is getting worse using the Firmware?

    update. the router began to crash all of a sudden, had to restore it a few times. Flashed back to linksys firmware, and all is well again, and im back at the 60+% range again o nteh squeezebox.

  2. RooX911

    RooX911 Network Guru Member

    anything at all? Try some different settings? Perhaps try hyper? I really love the features of DD-WRT, but i cant have my signal strength go down, i need the reverse :)
  3. d00zah

    d00zah Network Guru Member

    On the Wireless > Basic Settings tab, you could try setting "Sensitivity Range (ACK Timing)" to 0. This is a setting for long(er?) range connections and may cause problems if the access point and client are reasonably proximate to each other. 0 disables the feature. My connection improved by making this change & it's easy enough to test.
  4. RooX911

    RooX911 Network Guru Member

    allrighty, theres a good starting point :) ill let ya know if it works.
  5. RooX911

    RooX911 Network Guru Member

    a day later and its running very well still! seems that might be the answer. running overclocked to 240 and xmit at 90 for 18hours with no issue and no packet loss.

  6. d00zah

    d00zah Network Guru Member

    Outstanding! But be careful! Discussions elsewhere about increasing either xmit OR overclocking CPU. Doing both without additional cooling MAY lead to a brick. See tlj2's comments somewhere on the 2nd page.

    Highly likely there's no need to kick up xmit anyway. Try the default (28mW) & see how that behaves with ACK Timing disabled.

  7. RooX911

    RooX911 Network Guru Member

    yeah, i started off with no additional cooling and i could feel the back left corner heating up a bit, i now have it sitting on a 120mm fan blowing up its skirt as they say. and it feels mighty cool. cooler than stock xmit and clockrate with no fan. but ill be keeping an eye on it now that you mention it :)

    I figure the 90mW is probably overkill, but Im in a bit of a geek-out mode right now, adding the large 9dbi antennas and making a couple corner antenna add-on's as well. It not needed at all, but what the heck.. its a cheap router, i almost spent triple on a draft-N :)
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