strange wlan problem freaks please answer

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by cfrank30, Sep 10, 2005.

  1. cfrank30

    cfrank30 Network Guru Member

    Hy freaks,

    i have a very strange problem here:

    at the moment im running a dlink 2000ap+ and the connection (1,2 km by air) functioning with 11mbit without any problems. But this stupid dlink hangs often. So i tried to switch to linksys wrt54gs. But with this combination the bridge at the other side (WET54g) is showing a link and 70% signal strength but no data can be transmitted.

    the dlink has nearly the same properties like the linksys the only properties which are different is the rts threshold. It is in the linksys 2346 and the dlink has 2432. But in the setting of ddwrt23beta30 i cant change to this value.

    I Put up the power to 100 mw (only experiment) but no change. I made all the properties like antenna for tx and rx to the connected antenna etc.


    Dlink: RTS Threshold 2432
    Linksys: RTS Threshold 2347

    In the Linksys WET54G Bridge the rts Threshold is 2347.

    But in the Dlink i changed the rts to 2347 but the bridge connects without any problems.

    Im getting crazy.

    My only explanation is that the stupid dlink is not so sensitive to bad signals or other things.

    so what can i do ?
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