Stupid BEFSX41 Disconnects

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by sakrafice, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. sakrafice

    sakrafice Guest

    Okay I setup a network in my house long ago and i was using my buddys wireless router (linksys 802.11 G) Everything worked perfect, he needed it back so i bought a fairly new nonwireless router from my buddy (linksys BEFSX41) since Im not using wireless anyway just the ports; I hooked it up and my internet started to sit there or hang. Example Aol instant messenger would just sign on and off about every 5 to 10mins. So I updated the firmware and did all the FAQ's on it and still same thing. So here it is 5 months later when im now really frustraded because im tired of my internet just sitting there or not responding. So I started looking at my wires, and noticed i wired them incorrectly all of them, so I re did the wires as followed (white orange,orange,white green, blue, white blue, green, white brown, brown) Hooked it all back up and same thing... So i went out to bestbuy and bought a brand new router same model (linksys BEFSX41) and its still doing the same thing! So by this time I redid everything, made sure all cat5 line threw my attic was away from all power sources and what not, made sure there were no cuts or severe bends in the cable except a knot that i took out.

    So here are my problems, one the internet just sitting there not doing what its supposed to.

    Second I had it going last nite untill i unhooked the computers to move them, I have 4 computers on this network and one goes threw a hub (NETGEAR 6port 10BASE-T Model EN106tp) so its as follows INTERNET = ROUTER = HUB = MY COMPUTER AND ANOTHER ; it used to work and now it doesnt and cant figure out why. But if i got the cable that i put to the hub to just my computer it works, and one last thing when i do have them connected it says 10megs threw the hub but still cant view anyone on network or use internet, but if i just have cable from router to my computer i get 100megs and get to use the internet.

  2. palhi77

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    I have the same problems for almost a year. And now i decided to change my router.

    My favorite is FVS114.
  3. YeOldeStonecat

    YeOldeStonecat Network Guru Member

    One note about the befsx41 my experience, it's the best "Under 100 dollar" router out on the market. However...lately they've been having some firmware issues.

    Stay far far away from any 1.50 firmware versions, some people have had decent luck with 1.51 versions, 1.52.3 is OK...but most people experience with this router still prefer the trust old 1.45.7 firmware. I have over a hundred of the sx41 routers out in there in service, and that's the version I use. Any 41's that I'm still deploying, soon as I receive them I backflash to 1.45.7.

    BUT...the router does not seem to be your problem, as you state if you plug your computer directly into it, you can surf the 'net fine? I do networks for a living, as a consultant for small business networks. Know what I often find? If someone does their own wiring, there will be problems. I walk away from any jobs where the person did their own wiring in trying to save money. Unless that person was certified...I won't touch it. I've wasted soooooo much time in the past ripping my hair out over network issues that were caused by non-professional wiring jobs. Testing with just a link light is no real test either...only proves continuity, not quality.
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