Stupid newbie questions!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bigjuan_crd, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. bigjuan_crd

    bigjuan_crd Guest

    Sorry in advance for these stupid questions, but I have no idea where to ask. I feel kinda foolish asking these questions, as I kinda know computers...but I really don't know the ANSWERS to these.

    1.) Do wireless routers become flaky over time?

    I've had a few different wireless routers...I'm currently using a Belkin, but I've used a Microsoft router along with some lame no-name wireless router (I can't remember the name) and a couple of different wireless DSL modems (modems with built-in wireless routers). Over time it seems like they don't hold their signal...but nothing has changed. No special weird configurations, no sudden increase in electrical use in the walls just seems like my laptop just drops the connection. Once I get fed up I replace the router and everything runs like a champ...then, a handful of months later, it starts to fail as well. Is this normal? I've tried the basic stuff I can think of...flashing the internal BIOS, restoring to factory settings, etc etc etc...but it doesn't. Now my Belkin is showing the signs. Any ideas?

    2.) How useful are Linksys routers running Linux?

    I'm a geek. I thought it was AWESOME when someone got Linux running on a router...which immediately made me want one. Luckily, however, I have to budget for cool things, and haven't gotten around to buying one. useful are they? I've got a dedicated box running as a server (web/mail/ Linux, of course) aside from the geek merit badge I'd get by having a router that ran Linux...are they really extremely useful? Also, see my first point in this post...would a Linksys router, either running Linux or not...address that point?

    Thanks in advance for any information/advice you can give me.
  2. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    1) No, there are models that are just not very well made, but overall if you get a good one, you should'nt have any issue for quite sometime. I have an very old belkin 802.11b that i have had for about 6 years that running great. On the other side i have owned some dlink that have not done well at all.

    2) Extremely, the linux rewrites have taken most of the bugs out of the factory code and have made the routers far more reliable. Its not uncommon for routers running 3rd party firmware to run several months without any issue. For the most part most that need to be rebooted are because a newer firmware has come out and was updated on the router.
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