Succesfull Firmware Upgrade, But

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by EL DOCTOR, Sep 6, 2006.


    EL DOCTOR Guest

    my upgrade was succesfull on a wrt54g v5. the thing that i notice was the blinking, and i thought it was broke, i left and came back tomy office and the blinking stop i asume that the flash was burning.
    but the thing is that the range fall, even when I raise the trasmit power from 28 up to 180 but i coundnt hook to the wrt, before the upgrade i was starting to have problems to get a ip from the router so i decide to upgrade the firmware with dd=wrt, and in my house i have a brand new wrt54g v5 so i took the one with the hacked firmware to my house, no problem at all, and the brand new to my office and now I can hook to my wireless network on the office, but my question why the original one in my office started to reduce range in the last 20 day, the brand new its at the same place than the old one and Im hok right now but why the old one started to reduce the signal range, buy use ?

    at my home the hacked one (firmware) is working perfect, the new one to at my office but i would like to like to change it also but i do not what to reduce my range. im using a centrino on a hp pavilion dv 1000. but im sure the firmware reduce the range, before the change i was having problems on reciving a ip from the router after the change of f/w i couldnt see the router
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