Success: WAG54G <- WDS -> WRT54G

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by DaveQ, Oct 8, 2005.

  1. DaveQ

    DaveQ Network Guru Member

    This forum has been invaluable in getting my network configured, so i thought i'd post details of the config i now have working - in case it helps someone else.

    - (1.02.7firmware) connected to ADSL
    - WDS configured, MAC set to addr of WRT54G
    - IP addr set to, DHCP on

    - HyperWRT2.1b1 firmware
    - IP addr set to, DHCP off
    - using 'lazywds' (I am now wondering whether this would have worked on standard Linksys firmware...? As I understand it, lazywds allows *any* other router to make a WDS connection. It is therefore a potential security risk but makes the configuration easier). To enable this i entered "/usr/sbin/wl lazywds 1" into the router's Startup script - Administration page. Note: i found it useful when trying to get this working to type the commands into the Command Shell, in order to see success or error messages.
    - this box is set about 10-15m away from the WAG in a separate building.

    Both boxes are using the same Wireless Network Mode (G Only) and Channel. Each box has its own SSID (and both are visible to wireless clients).

    Thats it really. In all it took a couple of hours to get going, mostly down to my inexperience, and a nagging doubt that it would never work! After configuring the boxes above, i rebooted both and lo and behold they connected.

    Thanks again to the collective wisdom on this forum. Hope this helps someone else.

    Dave :) :)
  2. mysty

    mysty Network Guru Member

    Nice one! Thanks for the write up.

    I'm guessing that you are using a v1 WAG54G.

    I'm trying to do exactly the same using a WAG54G v2, but I don't think the firmware I am using supports WDS - Ive not seend WDS anywhere but the WRT54G command line...

    Are you using a static IP mode for the WAN and the same IP for the LAN side of the WRT54G?
  3. DaveQ

    DaveQ Network Guru Member

    yep - using v1 wag54g, and on my version of the firmware WDS is found as a "WDS Settings" tab under "Wireless".

    I have to confess that i didn't look closely at the WRT's network settings once it started working. Today i have discovered that it was set to Automatic Config/DHCP. I have now changed that to static ip as you described.

    Both seem to work fine for the pc/xbox/tivo connected to it, but i cannot get the wrt itself (when i telnet in) to successfully ping domains on the internet (though it will resolve their names correctly).

    Its driving me nuts now!
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