Suggest software for LAN monitoring?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by jschall, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. jschall

    jschall Network Guru Member

    I recently ripped out my Microsoft MN-500 wireless router and "upgraded" to a WRT54Gv5, with a WPC54G adapter and a WRE54G Range Expander.

    The Microsoft router came with a monitor utility that displayed icons with the IP addresses of any client running on the network - my laptop, the PC wired to the router, my Mirra backup server, my CD3O mp3 player, my iPAQ 4150, my wife's PC.

    Now that's gone, and all I have is the Linksys browser management interface and the WLAN Monitor running with the WPC on my laptop.

    The WRT management interface (in the browser) only shows me the DHCP address leases, but not whether those clients are connected to the router. Of course I could ping eache one in turn...

    And the WLAN Monitor displays the two APs (WRT and WRE), along with their MAC addresses and signal strengths, but that's all.

    So, I am looking for a LAN monitoring utility that runs on Windows XP and displays all client stations connected to the LAN behind the router. Could be shareware or freeware.

    Anybody have any suggestions?

    - Jeff
  2. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    The below post is a link on some information to free version of a systems management solution I sale to small, medium, and enterprise businesses (Estate Guardian).

    If you're concerned about checking out your home network, this should be more than enough. I've attached some videos to make it easier getting started:,15368148

    Let me know if this is of any use to you. The product is 100% "real-time" so whatever you're looking at actually displays the information "as it's happening all the time. It's designed primarily to monitor windows workstations and servers exclusively, but it still will earn it's keep (i.e., unattended msi file rollout/rollback, real-time hardware/software inventory, real-time hardware/software licensing, real-time license monitoring, auto database hardware/software dscovery, simultaneous software deployment regardless of physical location (or AD structure).

    Check it out...

  3. jschall

    jschall Network Guru Member

    Thank you for the suggestion, Doc.

    Estate Guardian, and even LinkLogger would be more than I need.

    But I found some nice simple monitors:

    AlertPing from P&S Group:
    Periodically pings hosts, displays status and log. Freeware OR Shareware $17USD

    Mortens HostAlive from freeware.
    Does about the same as AlertPing, but less simply and elegantly.

    - Jeff
  4. jschall

    jschall Network Guru Member

    Kaboodle! :thumb:

    It's what I was looking for!

    It's "for the person who knows his e-mail address, but doesn't know his IP address".

    Well, I know MY IP address, but I still find Kaboodle to be the bee's knees!

    It draws a pretty picture of your LAN, by pinging all the Class C addresses, then stores that data.

    One problem, though - if you are running WinPCap, it will crash Kaboodle every time :(

    - Jeff
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