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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by askingnv, Dec 12, 2006.

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    I am looking for suggestions / comments on my impending purchase of a VPN router for an Office to link with a Netgear FVG318 at home. Yes, it would be much better to have the funding to buy 2 ... but since we are buying this for a small non-profit, the price needs to be minimized - otherwise we'd be putting in Cisco 8xx class or Sonicwall / Zyxel devices!

    I have narrowed the choices down to the following 4 - and all seem to have weak points.

    In no particular order:

    1. RV042
    2. RVS4000
    3. WRV200
    4. RVL200

    I need the following capabilities:

    1. Stablility. It's going into a non-computer savvy office - it needs to just run so I don't have to spend lots of time on the phone or driving 150 miles round trip to reset it!

    2. Site-to-Site VPN - from Home to Office. Office has a static IP, home currently has a dynamic, but will be static in the next month. (Besides, always on DHCP connection is almost a static assignment :biggrin: )

    3. Mobile user to Office VPN - The Director has a laptop and will travel about 10% of the time. She needs to be able to reach back to the Office NAS (SOHO Buffalo NAS) to get files. Possibily needs to print from the road to the Office printer.

    4. VPN passthrough - When I'm in the office, I need to have my company VPN still get through.

    5. We will need 1 or 2 Site-to-Site VPNs and no more than 3-6 mobile user VPNs.

    So far I have seen the following problems:

    RV042 - heat lockups. Is this still a problem with most of the devices?

    RVS4000 - New, no real track record, is the VPN stable?

    WRV200 - DHCP problems? Newer, not much available on the performance.

    RVL200 - SSL VPN ... not sure if this will fit the bill for the Site-to-site VPN requirements. The Netgear will do IPSec tunnels but not SSL Tunnels.

    Suggestions? Comments?

    Thank you!
  2. askingnv

    askingnv LI Guru Member

    We settled on the RV042 at the Office and keeping the Netgear FVG318 - the VPN is up and running well. the Mobile => Office works great. I would highly recommend the RV042 - this is a powerful little router.
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