Support iTunes, UpnP AV and MP3 BroadCast

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by pcbparis, Sep 3, 2005.

  1. pcbparis

    pcbparis Guest

    hello, i see in the readme that Support iTunes, UpnP AV and MP3 BroadCast was implemented, anyone have informations about that ?

    thanks in advance
  2. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    Did you read the changes in the very next version after they added those features?

    I took that to mean that they removed those features, but who knows? :)
  3. bragle

    bragle Network Guru Member

    I am posting my question under this topic because it is the only I could find which mentioned my particular issue and I don't want to clutter the forum with a repeat of the same thread (especially with my first post to the community!).

    That said, here goes.

    I purchased the NSLU2 for practically the only reason of being a media server for my MP3 and Divx movie collections. The unit is connected to my Airport Extreme Base Station, which then networks my wife's Toshiba Satellite Tablet PC and my G4 Powerbook.

    I did some playing around with hacking the firmware, following as best I could, the instructions I could find on Unslung, etc. While I consider myself a competant Mac and PC user, I simply am not a Linux guy and so got in way over my head right away. The problem is that I wanted support for FAT32 drives. In this way, I could transfer the large bulk of my collections onto the drive from my local machines and then plug it into the NSLU2. (Obviously transferring 200+ gigs of files to the unit itself was out of the question, given the achingly slow transfer rates I could gauge.)

    I eventually bricked the unit, revived it, and installed the R63 update from Linksys, which promised support for FAT32 and something involving iTunes, though nothing was further explained.

    As I write this, I am on live chat with Linksys and "Hyacinth" is supposedly "verifying that information". What he/she has come back with so far is not promising, the latest response referencing providing me with the release notes (which I already have).

    I issue I now find myself facing is that my iTunes will see the drive and play songs from it, but is (again) achingly slow in accessing the files and switching between them.

    I am not considering again going back to the Unslung firmware so as to implement the Rendevous-like server which has been developed for it. Yet, I still don't have the apparent Linux knowledge needed to really pull this off effectively.

    What would be nice is a one-shot install package for Unslung and various packages, configured for the novice user like me. While that may be wishful thinking, is there anything anyone can point me to which might solve my current dilemna before taking the plunge back into the strange and mysterious world of Linux hacking?
  4. JohnnyJigglez

    JohnnyJigglez Network Guru Member

    The only reliable way a NSLU2 can stream media to multimedia component outside of the pc/laptop is via its UPNP abilities...

    Why don't your FAT32 drives as network drives on your mobile pcs?

    I have my NSLU2 connected to a router with all my other pcs. I map the shares I created in each computer's My Computer area.

  5. bragle

    bragle Network Guru Member

    They do appear as network drives. However, the transfer rates between them are agonizingly slow. Streaming MP3's from one drive can take up to 30 seconds for each file to be accessed.

    I have started the process of unslinging my unit once again, with the optimistic thought it will be a much needed learning experience for me. At the same time, I just placed the order today for a new machine to act as a central file server on our little network, convincing my wife of the cost by pointing out how much more use she might get out of it for some of her more Photoshop demanding tasks.

    I will probably keep the NSLU2 around as a fun little oddity, but not hope to use it for serious transfer until some future firmware release solves the problems I see it as having.
  6. JohnnyJigglez

    JohnnyJigglez Network Guru Member

    I don't quite understand why your speeds are so slow... Are you running FAT32 drives or NTFS drives on the NSLU2? Those formats are known to not be fully supported...

    I get 5.5 MBytes/s on a wired connection to my NSLU2.
  7. bragle

    bragle Network Guru Member

    Since my last post on this subject, I have gone down the road on a few more adventures with my NSLU2. While I remain as unclear as you why the transfer speeds were so slow, one thing definitely helped it: overclocking.

    After removing lil' ol' R83, there was an immediate improvement in the overall performance of the "slug", from web interface access to those all-too-important transfer speeds.
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