Sveasoft Alchemy Client Mode and VLAN - Please answer...

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by martonlorand, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. martonlorand

    martonlorand Guest

    Well I have a problem.

    I have a couple WRT54Gs and I need to cover pretty big area... Also there is a need for a private and a public wireless network.

    So for the storry is I have Router A (MainGW) in PPPoE and acces point mode.

    Router B is a clieent - faaaar away from MainGW with a local server connected to it- the server cannot connect directly to the mainrouter - Theres no card to cover the area... The setup works fine, but right next to the server I need a public network. If I hook up aother WT54G in one of the client WRG54s port in AP mode, all the public wireless clients will be able to access the hardwired server.

    How can I separate the two - a public wireless Ap whose GW is on a bridged port of a WRT54G and a server?

    If I connect the AP mode WRT54G uplink port to the client and use NAT - that will be triple nat for once... (PPPoE, Client mode WRT54G with LAN, and Again DHCP uplink to public wireless...)

    Ehh sounds diffcult but I cant explain it any better - I am too tired right now...

    Thanks for the answer in adwance...

  2. dotinfo

    dotinfo Network Guru Member

    Are you asking

    Internet <--> RouterA. DSLconn. <--> Wireless <--> RouterB wired server AND public wireless AP...

    You can block the wireless from the wired. Also it sounded like you might have had another wireless access point connected to the wired port of RouterB. If so just disable dhcp on it, (if its a routerAP), and you can block local traffic to other ports by using VLANs and IPtables.

    I don't know the iptables commands off the top of my head, but if thats what you want I've seen it before on the sveasoft boards. i probably visit that site more than anywhere else. I hope this can point you in the right direction on what needs to be done.
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