Sveasoft and his firmware.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Toxic, Sep 13, 2004.

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    It has come to my attention, that many users are "not happy" with the way Sveasoft of implementing firmware (which is beta in my eyes)

    Linksys themselves also do "inhouse testing" without releasing their firmware. this is to protect the vast majority of users against trashing thier devices, yet i dont see everyone screaming at them saying hey your inhouse firmware is under GPL licensing.... give it to me now

    Sveasofts last few "pre releases" were very unstable, and if all were to use it they may end up with a bricked router or two, and that is no way to go about giving the releases to the public.

    Sveasoft does however release "stable" releases. Satori and Samadhi builds were release to general public for all to use and for all to hack themselves it they wanted to.

    Once Alchemy is stable enough, it will be released publicly. Payment of a one time only fee of $20 is for forum subscriptions, but this also gets you the chance to download pre releases as well, however you take a very big risk in flashing some versions of the "unstable" firmware.

    I have twice had to short circuit the pins to get my wrt54g back from the dead using sveasoft pre-release firmware.

    this topic is not a discussion but more of a "what is what" in the eyes of me as a user of sveasoft firmware to make some people at least see what sveasoft is trying to do. this firmware is leading edge stuff with features that linksys only dream off. give this man credit and leave him to build a stable firmware for ALL to use.

    if you have a problem with GPL issues then take it up with the GPL and not here.
Thread Status:
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