Sveasoft getting very touchy about questions

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by aenigmainc, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. aenigmainc

    aenigmainc Network Guru Member

    I posted a question on the Sveasoft website and got a very snotty answer. Here's the entire message/response.

    From: sveasoft
    To: aenigmainc
    Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2006 02:57
    Subject: MAC limit Quote message
    I was wondering why there was a MAC limitation on the software? I posted this in another topic, but the whole topic was deleted. So I thought I'd ask again.

    On the same topic, does anyone know when the 1.1 source is going to be released? I'd like to recompile it without the limitation (if thats possible).

    Use the forums search. If you don't like the MAC limit use another firmware. You can thank the German hooligans for the MAC auth system. Posting further is flamebait.

    So, it looks like if I ask any questions about the limitations I'll be banned too.

    I think this will end my support of his firmware as well.
  2. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    Since you posted here, your account will be cancelled. James reads other sites and does not allow any negative comments to be made about him or his work. Make sure you request a refund. This is old news, he's been doing this sort of childish behavior for a while.
  3. aenigmainc

    aenigmainc Network Guru Member

    Getting Kicked from sveasoft forums

    I'm not too worried about it. My subscription was up in March anyway.

    And, DD-WRT seems to do most of what i want. I sure would love a good/easy hotspot implementation though.
  4. gotamd

    gotamd Network Guru Member

    Good question about the source code release. I'm sure that'll happen soon :rofl:
  5. kruane45

    kruane45 Network Guru Member

    Yep...sorry, now, I'm sure you've found out your subscription is cancelled. Read my posting below :

    James is like a petulant child, and one is not permitted to even say boo about him OR his "firmware". Be glad you are shed of the Sveasoft albotross....DD-WRT is a MUCH better firmware solution, far FAR better than anything Sveasoft has been able to implement. Unfortunately, you, I and COUNTLESS others had to find out the hard way.

    Be comforted in the fact, tho....... That OTHER potential Sveasoft subscribers, after reading our posts.....will think twice about wasting thier money with Sveasoft !
  6. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

  7. t4thfavor

    t4thfavor Network Guru Member

    its ok after you use satori for a while you realize that it sucks and you can get much better without the attitude of Mr. Ewing

    wheres that source???
  8. mazilo

    mazilo Network Guru Member

    The attitude of Mr. Ewing is understood to being an incompetence. It is this incompetence that makes him very insecure and behaving very irrational. I certainly will stay away from such people, let alone to support his/her products.
  9. Disman_ca

    Disman_ca Super Moderator Staff Member Member

  10. LeonPhelps

    LeonPhelps Network Guru Member

    Welcome to the bad boy club.

    We all have complaints about Jimmy.
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