Sveasoft got Slashdotted!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by viper54g, Jul 22, 2004.

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  1. viper54g

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  2. Toxic

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    it wont

    the ins and outs of whether violation is taking place or not gets me. sveasoft is one out of of 100's that could possibly be violating gpl licensing standards, but all that happens is people talk about it and nothing more.

    If the individuals who are bent on doing something (whatever that maybe) to sveasoft would just shutup and do something apart from whinge then maybe there might be some sort of outcome. however whinging gets you nowhere, and being hypocritical of one camp and not another makes me sick...

  3. jdepew

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    I say - any press is good press, especially when in comes in the form of Slashdotting.
    I believe its been said - 'Folks love to watch a drive-by shooting don't they?'

    So, personally I don't think its anything but another great opportunity to get the word out there about the WRT54G/GS and its great customizability.

    And, you weren't posting anything about GPL or what not, so the post is fine. We're glad to see anyone in the community get press, even bad press - of course they didn't list us as now hosting the Satori4.0 support. :-(

    And, I just want to clarify again for everyone- we don't want anyone discussing GPL issues NOT because we're censoring or promoting some political machine -it IS BECAUSE the point of our site is LINKSYS PRODUCT AND CUSTOMIZED FIRMWARE SUPPORT, and GPL doesn't fall in that category. Thats all!

    Have a nice day - and welcome to all of our new members!

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