Systems Management Through A VPN Tunnel (Estate Guardian)

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by DocLarge, Jan 8, 2006.

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    You guys are probably going to start hearing alot about this product so I'll cut you in on it now.

    Long story short, alot of us have remote networks we need to keep an eye on and systems management tools that work via remote are not always readily available, right for the job, "or affordable."

    If some of you are looking to get off of Windows SMS or find something similar to Windows SMS at a price you can afford, check out "Estate Guardian:",15191301

    Yes, shame on me, but I'm currently testing it through a vpn tunnel. If I have 200 computers at a remote site and I'm asked "I need to know the hard drive size, processor speed, and current OS running on the computers at the remote site in 10 minutes, "this" application will do that!! The reason it can is because it operates in real "real-time!" The Estate Guardian 400 Enterprise version allows you to cryptographically enroll all of your machines so "estate guardian informtion" is encrypted all the time.

    So, if I connect through a vpn portal to one of 500 or more computers at a remote site from the home office, the remaining computers on that local segment will show up "instantly" in my console that I used to manage queries and . Seriously, take a look. If I'm lying, I'm actually a "Dlink" owner *heh*

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