Take a crack @ this WGRT54s problem, pls.

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by cpl_hayes, Jan 2, 2005.

  1. cpl_hayes

    cpl_hayes Network Guru Member

    Heres my desired set-up:
    (upstairs) wired 4 port router w/3 boxes pluged in,and a WAP54G.
    (downsatiirs) WGRT54S stand alone.

    I want the WAP to give the GRT its internet connection, via the main router. also connecting to the preset networked boxes. Rreason for the GRT downstairs, is to have the ports for items the CAN NOT have wi-fi.

    Is this possible. Thank You to anyone who KNOWS a solution.

    pls indicate the various levels of security i can use
  2. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    I don't see there being a problem, just use WDS to create a wireless bridge between the two :) You will need to switch off DHCP on the WRT54G though so the clients will pickup the correct settings from the wired router.
  3. fyrfyter

    fyrfyter Network Guru Member

    I would wonder why you wouldn't go ahead and have the WRT54G replace the wired router in your upstairs, using the wan port for your broadband, and then the 4 open ports for your other items.(It does have a built in DHCP server) Use the WAP54G downstairs with a simple 4 port switch, and you should be home free, with full speed service. If you read on Linksys's site, the WAP54G is deisgned like a cable-free cable, so in other words, its just a wireless connection for something that would normally have ethernet in it. Make your SSID's the same for both router and Acess point, and WEP or WPA should be available to you.
  4. cpl_hayes

    cpl_hayes Network Guru Member

    Taz thanks for imput, no one seems to want to help a guy out. I DID search the entire site BEFORE asking (2.5 hrs worth) But isn't true if I bridge, I'd loos the upstairs access? I want to havce the laptop get net access from the best signal at a given time. up/down stairs. Since the router (GRT54s) WILL NOT be plunged into anything (cept power) Im wondering if I can get it to get it's net access throught the AP, and repeate also, and if I jack in, it would give those devices net access.
  5. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    You cant setup the WRT54G to get it's internet connection from the WAP54G but you don't need to do that anyway ;) If you think of the WRT54G as a router+4 port switch+access point it may make more sense. What you want to do is use the access point part of it and ignore the router. The PC's should all be on the same IP network with their default gateways set to the wired router. If this is the case then those connected to the WRT43G should go across the bridged wireless network to the wired router and then out.
  6. cpl_hayes

    cpl_hayes Network Guru Member

    Pls confirm

    Taz thatnks again, I understand the WRT is a router in itself. My SMC is just set up soo nicly, I can seem to part with it I guess. I KNOW the securness of it inside and out, most of the time it's blind to the net. Im concerned with the strenght of the Linksys NAT, I know, Iknow, cissco, but, the last time I tried some of there stuff was early 90's, wasnt impressed.

    So as it seems; Make WGRT54S main router. use WDS (???? need it??), set up WAP54 as reperater , with patch cable to 4 port SMC router making it a hub/switch? Pls confirm

    Oh, and thank you all![b/] if anyone knows where I could D/L stronger NAT for the WGRT let me know pls.
  7. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    Re: Pls confirm

    Yes that will work.

    Regarding the NAT issue, all routers work in the same way and therefore have the same vulnerabilities. It's a good way of letting only certain traffic in but it does nothing to filter what goes out. You are also limited to forwarding a certain port to only one PC. This is down to how NAT works rather than any specific limitation of Linksys's implementation. The WRT54G does have filtering in addition to NAT which can help make it more secure plus you could run a software firewall, such as Zonealarm, to further strengthen things.
  8. cpl_hayes

    cpl_hayes Network Guru Member

    Back to square 1# ARGH!!!

    Statered in the wee hours of setin' things up. (afeter reseting EVERYTHING!! Stupid). Had to stop! Why? Im glad you asked.. the SMC has the print server on it. The printer must stay.

    So the guidence I need is thus; I was to connect Wi-AP/RT to the SMC (upstairs) . Id rather have the RT downstairs so I coulld use the 4 ports for non Wi items. It's my understanding that in repeat WEP is the highest you can. So with this [/B]WDA, would the/a RTor AP get it's net connection from the upsatirs unit? And what it the highest level of security? :?: understand That whichever downsatir unit you suggest will not be physically jacked into a net connection. Im trying to Wi-Fi a connection. Aditionally ive benn able to ahive some pretty cool stuff with my current set up. I've had Zone & Win-Firewall & SMC's to work ALL together. Im not completly safe, but have gain re-use of my colon. :wink:
  9. lamoka_bob

    lamoka_bob Guest

    Internet Connection Problem

    I have installed a wireless network at my church. It is based in the pastors office so his computer is connected by WIRE to the router. There are also 3 other computers used on the network that connect via wireless. The computers with wireless access can connect to the INTERNET without a problem, but the one connected via hardwire won't open any websites, even tho it says that it is connected to the INTERNET. How can I fix this dillema? oh...and all computers are recognized on the network, there is no problem with transferring files between wired and wireless, just internet connection access. Thanks for any help in advance.
  10. bluebox

    bluebox Network Guru Member

    Bob - you should post a new thread for your question.

    Short guess answer is that your wired PC may not be picking up the gateway address from DHCP.

    If you need more troubleshooting, post a nw thread.
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