Talisman/Basic 1.2.7 Released!

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by Disman_ca, Jun 2, 2007.

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    Finally after 3 months Sveasoft has finally released a new version of the Talisman basic edition. Changes from Talisman/Basic V1.2.6 are as follows:
    • PPTP server fixed
    • Static routes fixed
    • Wireless GUI speed stuck at Auto
    • PPPoE MAC address set to zeroes when MAC alias enabled
    • Save Startup/Firewall limited to 255 characters
    • WRT350N/WRT150N Ethernet LEDs mis-ordered
    • WRT350N/WRT150N power LED blinking
    • No WAN syslog entries
    • Masquerade msg "No Route: Rusty's brain Broke"
    • WOL missing
    • WVLANs not working on some platforms **can't reproduce**
    • DHCP not renewing with some ISPs (FIOS, for example)
      vMAC address filter GUI broken **not broken**
    • DynDNS not checking for IP change before updating
    • WPA2 client mode not working
    • Client-routed status page displays wrong channel
    • Mesh build not meshing with no-encryption/WEP
    • New BCM5453 chipset kernel updates (WHR-G125, WRT54G V8)
    • L2TP broken
    • RDP protocol added to QoS list
    • SSL & port forward page broken
    • DHCP DNS entries override manual DNS entries
    • UPnP not working with WindowsLiveMessenger
    • Repeater mode not working with WPA/WPA2
    • Site Survey breaks on SSIDs with embedded spaces

    If you would like to try it out or want more info please go to http://www.sveasoft.com. It should be noted Sveasoft has a yearly support subscription model of $20 which is required before accessing any Talisman firmware images.
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