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Discussion in 'Tarifa Firmware' started by ymm123, Dec 11, 2009.

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    Tarifa 035a is the same as Tarifa 034, the changes are: updated miniupnpd, decreased hash table size and added BWM utility.

    The Tarifa firmware up to 034 has a huge hash table (2048 buckets), in Tarifa 035a I decreased this (128 or 256), this will increase the the http speed (browsing) but decreases the torrent speed a bit.

    If the router makes only a view connections (for browsing), it can do a fast lookup, but when a lot of connections are made (torrent), the hash table will be very clustered/crowded, lookup time will increase.


    Maybe it is better to release a Tarifa version for the heavy users? This version could have a hash-table of 2048/4096 in case of 16/32 MByte RAM.
    How many open connections do you need/make? (1000...2000?) Versus download/upload speed? (20mbit?)
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    Thanks for you reply,

    As i understood from your words, the 35a version was not meant for heavy users.

    well, i have an 20Mb/2Mb connection with around 4 clients connected at most.. some of them are heavy torrent users.

    i have tried the 35a version but it seems our bandwidth usage is a bit heavy for this version...

    When i have the line for me, i go up to 400 connections but when more people are active, we average 800 connections with some periods of 1400 at max.

    It would be awesome to see an updated Tarifa version that can handle this kind of usage... i love the stability and i had Tarifa for some time on my router although i must admit i have cheated with Victek's 1.25ND RAF version and also Thibor...

    If there ever will be a version of Tarifa that suits my needs (and i presume of some others ..(( i hope))...), i would be very grateful.

    Dank je wel voor alle moeite!!!
  4. jchuit

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    Tarifa 035b has again the huge hash table (2048/4096 buckets 16/32MByte RAM), it is available for download.

    En een gelukkig nieuwjaar....

  5. ymm123

    ymm123 Addicted to LI Member

    I have had version 035b already 2 days on my router and it looks good.
    It is very stable and the torrents are going faster then with version 035a.

    Thanks allot!! Im very grateful!!
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