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Discussion in 'Tarifa Firmware' started by moparhemi, Nov 6, 2005.

  1. moparhemi

    moparhemi Guest


    I wanted to thank you for a wonderful build. Seems to be very stable. I have to wrt54G's together in wds mode w' wpa-aes and is working great no drop outs so far. I can travel seemlessly between the 2 even will downloading with no dropout. I did notice that when I'm connected to access point B I only gets half the throughput about 9.2 mb and at access point A which is also the Dhcp router get full throughput at about 21mb. Seems way to easy to setup though - thx. In your manual under setup wds you say to enter the mac address of gateway router at Status->Router page if I enter that mac it does not work. I had to enter it from Status->wireless page which is the same except for a b as the last number. Again thank you for a great build.


    PS is there a way to view signal strength between the 2 access points?
  2. jchuit

    jchuit Network Guru Member

    Signal strength, rssi value.

    To moparhemi

    Thanks for your reply, I will add your input to the manual.

    About your question, the signal strenght is vissible under the wireless-status page. This for both clients and WDS connected routers.

    Wireless performance of the routers can be increased by using Frame Bursting, this can be ebabled in the wireless-advanced page.

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