Tarifa b019 on WRT54Gv4 problem

Discussion in 'Tarifa Firmware' started by jilanik, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. jilanik

    jilanik Network Guru Member

    I am having problems with my router (WRT54Gv4), I am using : Tarifa b019 on it. What is happening lately is that after abour 24-36 hours my router just quits working. The computers connected to it loose the internet connection. I have to manually unplug the cable and put it into the router to reset it. The connection is back up and running after about 10 secs of the reboot. Could anyone tell me what is going on and how I can fix this problem? If you need any info or whatever let me know. Thanks in advance.
  2. jchuit

    jchuit Network Guru Member

    The wrt54gv4 as gateway.

    Using the router as a gateway:

    If you flashed from the original linksys firmware, then it is not needed to do a factory reset. (The wireless antenna setting can be corrected manually, speedbooster is switched off).

    The router-status page gives the amount free-memory.

    I think it is something in your setup, you connected your wrt54gv4 to a modem (adsl or cable). This modem should be in bridge mode and not in router mode.

    Put your modem in bridge mode: the wrt54gv4 will get the dhcp offer direct from you ISP.
    Put your modem in router mode: the wrt54gv4 should be used as bridge, connect to a LAN-port and disable dhcp.

  3. jilanik

    jilanik Network Guru Member

    Re: The wrt54gv4 as gateway.

    hi, thanks for the reply. however, what do you want me to do? change it from DHCP to static? the router is connected to the linksys cable modem. how do i do the "bride mode"?

    and here is the status on the router's memory

    Total RAM: 14807040 bytes
    Free RAM: 2916352 bytes
    Buffer RAM: 1622016 bytes
  4. jchuit

    jchuit Network Guru Member

    Cascaded two routers.

    At the moment you have cascaded two routers, all internet traffic goes throught the NAT of the wrt54g(L) and then through the NAT of the cable modem.

    This setup will not work. You may only have one NAT system in your internet connection.

    The best thing is to put the wrt54g in bridge mode.
    1. Find the ip number of your cable router, example
    2. Give then wrt54g(L) an unique ip adress (in range), example
    3. Restart the routers after an ip change.
    4. Disable DHCP on the wrt54g(L)
    5. Connect the wrt54g(L) via the LAN port instead of the WAN port.
    6. Disable Loopback() at the wrt54g(L)

    And now you have the wrt54g(L) working as a bridge.

  5. jilanik

    jilanik Network Guru Member

    Re: Cascaded two routers.


    I have BEFCMU10 v4 as the modem. and wrt54g v4 as the router. the router is set up as a gateway, not a router. here is my set uo

    internet----modem---wrt54g router---- two computers, and one VOIP

    the wirless is off.

    so I am still not understanding how i can set up this bridge. the thing i have noticed is that my free ram on the router is going down rapidly. is it because of this firmware or what? i didn't have his problem untill i started using the QOS on my VOIP line.

    thanks for your help/.
  6. jchuit

    jchuit Network Guru Member

    You only have to change the setup from your wrt54g(L):

    Follow step 1 to 6, after that, the wrt54g(L) is working as a bridge instead of a Gateway(= router).

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