Tarifa b025 Released

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    Tarifa 025 released

    Compiled from linksys source: WRT54GSV3_4_71_1_0411_US 14 channels

    Date 20-aug-2006


    WRT54G V2.0 V2.2 V3.1 WRT54GL V1
    WDS multiple connections AP mode (gateway)
    Lazy WDS (multiple connections), upto 5 connections.
    powersetting up to 251 mw.
    Static DHCP.

    !!!!!THIS Firmware is ONLY for WRT54G models V1 to V4 and the WRT54GL V1 to V1.1 !!!!!!

    Known issues:

    The webpage ping.asp, doesn't give any visible output.
    Password security needs a reboot to take effect after changing password.
    Disable Loopback needs a reboot to take effect.
    The antenna diversity setting needs to be corrected sometimes after the upgrade,
    due to an old NVRAM setting left by the original Linksys firmware.


    rc_startup may never exceed 10240 bytes, in webpage a max. of 8192 bytes.
    rc_shutdown may never exceed 10240 bytes, in webpage a max. of 8192 bytes.
    Static DHCP max 254 clients
    Transmit power max 251 mw in webpage.
    Port forwarding max 20 fields.
    Port triggering max 10 fields.
    (b000) rc_startup en rc_shutdown in webpage
    (b001) passwd and group security to kernel
    (b002) telnetd
    (b003) full wds support with easy setup webpage
    (b004) wds bridge to Lan mode
    (b002) Tx-power setting in webpage (251 mw)
    (b010) Tx-antenna and Rx antenna diversity setting in webpage
    (b004) static dhcp in webpage
    (b010) RSSI list for both WDS and Clients, TSSI, Txpower and Rate indicator to wireless-status webpage
    (b010) sysinfo to Router-status page: uptime, loads and kernel memory usage.
    (b010) Reboot button to Administration-management page
    (b010) Loopback enable/disable option to Administration-management page
    (b017) l2tp and pptp support for ddns.
    (b018) Firmware Upgrade support for wrt54g, wrt54gl and wrt54gs firmware
    (b019) Speedbooster support

    (b022) busybox 0.6 to 1.1.2
    (b013) squashfs 2.0 to 2.2-r2
    (b014) mksquashfs 2.0 to 2.1 (indexed, 64 kbyte block size)
    (b025) imported code from WRT54GL_4.30.7_0620_ETSI source

    (b007) CR/LF webpage to nvram and vica versa coverting issue, this concerns static-DHCP,rc_startup, rc_shutdown
    (b007) incoming log, this doesn't work in the original firmware.
    (b013) webpage loading problem due java-script error for Ubuntu/Firefox/konqueror
    (b018) Dyndns expiration due to an automatic timeout, the host has not been updated for 30 days
    (b020) Dyndns didn't update the dhcp-wan-ip, created by change (b017)
    (b024) Dyndns expiration due to wrong time saved.
    (b023) Bridge Restict mode change after boot.

    (b009) port forwarding from 10 to 20 input fields.
    (b022) dyndns messages after a successful update.
    (b025) increased performance for conntrack entry access, improved NAT hash-table population.

    date 20 aug 2006: Tarifa B025

    linksys source: WRT54GSV3_4_71_1_0411_US

    14 channels
  2. Disman_ca

    Disman_ca Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    I was waiting for jchuit's announcement but I guess this will do. Point to note, Tarifa b025 can be flashed to a WRT54GS if you already have a 3rd party firmware loaded that accepts G or GS code patterns (i.e. HyperWRT-thibor or dd-wrt).
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