Telnet from WAN and gateway in lan

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by jwchk, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. jwchk

    jwchk Network Guru Member

    I'm using HyperWRT 2.1b1 base on 4.20.7 busbox 1.0.1 and I have two question:

    1) Is it possible to telnet the router from WAN, I tried even port forward 23 to but not working

    2) How to add gateway to the route entry mask gateway

  2. gizmo01

    gizmo01 Network Guru Member

    Anybody know of a way to telnet from WAN? I could really use that type of access for a remote server that I admin. Thanks.
  3. SirDracula

    SirDracula Network Guru Member

    I'm not sure you want to use telnet from the WAN because it's clear text and it may not even be password protected if you use Thibor's build for example.

    Solutions I can think of:

    1) Enable remote management via HTTPS. It's secure.

    2) Run an SSH server on one of your computers on the LAN, port forward port 22 in the router to that computer, ssh in to the computer and from there telnet to the router. It's secure.

    3) Similar to #2 above use VPN, probably harder to configure than #2 but more powerful.

    You really don't want to leave your router vulnerable to password sniffing, so you should use either HTTPS or SSH.
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