telnet session to router?

Discussion in 'Other Firmware Projects' started by hookerxy, Oct 6, 2004.

  1. hookerxy

    hookerxy Network Guru Member

    Hi all,

    In several post I have read that it is possible to connect via telnet to the router, but my is always refusing the connection.

    I have installed the Wifi, is there any way to allow telnet from
    192.168.x.x subnet?

    In the configuration Tool (Browser) I saw some kind of Bash shell Window, but I prefer rather a direct telnet session.
  2. GodOfGTA

    GodOfGTA Guest

    Before you can telnet to the router, you have to activate the telnet service in the Webinterface: Klick "Administration" -> "Management" and Enable Telnet. Then you should be able to connect to the router and login with user: root and the pass you set in the Webinterface.
  3. hookerxy

    hookerxy Network Guru Member

    Thanks for the Tip, I haven't found this feature.
    Or rather overseen ;)

    I'll check it out.
  4. hookerxy

    hookerxy Network Guru Member

    That was it,

    I don't know why I ahven't seen this before ?


    But thanks a lot
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