Teredo UPnP?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Reiper, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. Reiper

    Reiper LI Guru Member

    I just upgraded to Tomato 1.14 last night and was checking things today. When I looked at the UPnP section I noticed my usual XBOX entry and a new entry opened by the IP of my computer. It was UDP Port 58383 with a description of Teredo? I Googled this and it says something about IPv6 and Vista but I know I've never seen this in Tomato versions previous to 1.14. Could someone shed some light on this please!
  2. szfong

    szfong Network Guru Member

    Teredo is a type of tunneling protocol. Commonly used for "tunnel through" NAT protected nets. Ummm.. a type of NAT tranversal... A form of this is also used in Azureus (UDP-type, but not Teredo compatible) and uTorrent will soon use it as well. If your d/l say from a massively seeded Linux distro, it'll NOT matter much if you use or not use Teredo. Your probably using an alpha release of uTorrent to speed up the pirating of some XBOX games?? :-( Just kidding..
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