Terminal services problem on WAG54G V2

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by dieplzthx, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. dieplzthx

    dieplzthx Guest

    Any advice appreciated.

    EU Linksys WAG54G V2 router, firmware 1.00.47, Dell Axim X50v PDA, ROM A03, Dell 9100 Laptop, with 1450 wifi built in)

    Problem I am having is I have only been able to connect to my laptop once thru terminal services, since then all it says is "the connection to the server has timed out".
    I have been on various forums and tried all the tricks to no avail, including editing the registry to add the server port etc.
    I have remote access turned on in XP PRO, got the port opened on 3389 on the router, and can do virtually everyhting else through wifi (activesync, browse internet etc). I can remote access to other pcs from the laptop, but cannot access them via the x50v.

    I await with big ears and greasy hands for any advice :)
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