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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by kameleon, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. kameleon

    kameleon LI Guru Member

    I am having a little bit of a problem. I am doing some stuff with mythtv and the mvpmc project. The mvp box has to do a tftp boot. I am running a WRT54GS with tomato 1.07 (yes I have not upgraded in a bit ;) ) and it is my DHCP host and all. I have a tftp server running on the port I need (16869) on my mythtv box and it is open according to nmap. But I cannot get the router to pass the traffic to that box. I have tried the dhcp-option=66,<ip-of-tftp-server>, dhcp-boot=boot-file,<ip-of-tftp-server>, and just about anything else I can find online.

    Is there a way to run my tftp server ON the tomato powered router? I think that would solve alot of my issues. Thanks in advance.
  2. PeterT

    PeterT Network Guru Member

    Have you tried

    --dhcp-boot=<filename>,[<servername>[,<server address>]]

    ie both the name AND address of the tftp server ?

    Also, DNSMASQ CAN act as a TFTP server; however, in the Tomato build that option is not enabled.
  3. kameleon

    kameleon LI Guru Member

    Yes I tried that also. Like I said it COULD be that the tftp server on my ubuntu box is messing up but nmap shows that the port is open|filtered just like all the other services on there. Thanks for the help.

    also as a side note, some of the settings I have to back out of the router otherwise I get error 502 on every site I visit. Unless I use an IP address I can't get to anything. That is until I remove the setting from the dnsmaq.conf file.
  4. this works for me:

    filename is 'pxelinux.0', twice ',' and the ip of the tftp server.
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