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    For the recovery procedure, found here.

    The main reason I switched to a WRT54GS was because it has Linux in it. I bought one yesterday, and immediately tried to put kaistation on it (for my XBox). When it wouldn't work, I tried Alchemy (using the router's firmware update page). It hosed the router! I went back and exchanged it.

    Today, I still wanted kaistation badly, but I posted on the Kai forum about it. Two guys recommended that I use Alchemy and to use the router's upgrade page. Guess what? It hosed the second router. I had it in the box ready to exchange again. A few minutes ago, I decided to do some heavy "Googling," and found the recovery procedure above. Of course, it worked! I saw that you had a GS firmware based on Linksys' latest, 3.37.2, so I decided to try it. Here I am. :) I even used the Linksys TFTP program to upload it; it worked great.

    Now if I could only get kaistation loaded....
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