The acess point is connected, but internet not found!

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Quanlin127, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. Quanlin127

    Quanlin127 Guest

    I have a Wireless-G Notebook Network card for my laptop and I just install the cd and all that. The network monitor just came up and it says "Connected to access point, but the internet could not be found".

    I don't have a router so i guess i have to use the ad-hoc mode because the only things I have are a normal desktop and Verizon DSL with modem.

    What should i do? Im not good with the WEP and all other things such as keys and stuff.
  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    Does the desktop have a Wireless NIC? If it does you can setup an ad hoc network to share files and any printer. Without a router or access point you cannot share the Internet Connection. Which Verizon DSL router do you have? The Westell Versalink 327w is a combination DSL Modem/Router with a DHCP server and support 802.11G/B connections. You could connect to it with your Wireless Network Card. It only supports WEP encryption. The default IP Address for it is You can connect to it and change the password, the SS-ID and set encryption. For WEP encryption you have to specify the key length and the key and save your setting. You basically do the same thing for your Wireless NIC, The Wireless MIThe older Verizon DSL Modems were configured to be in bridge mode only and you had to use WinPPOE or a PPOE client to connect to the Internet.
  3. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member

    Actually if the desktop has both a wired & wireless NIC you can share your internet connection by setting up an ad hoc network & enabling ICS on the desktop. (Search the web (or here?) for "Internet Connection Sharing" for more info.)
  4. LC2005

    LC2005 Guest

    I am having the same sort of problem.

    We have a Linksys Wireless G- 2.4GHz Router. It supports all but one workstation just fine. This wireless router is connected to a hub which connects to our Internet Cisco router out to our T-1 line. I know the setup is fine because my workstation is connected to the wireless G router via ethernet, receives DHCP, and gets out on the internet.

    I have a laptop having problems:
    Windows 2000 Workstation
    USB Linksys Wireless G with Speedbooster NIC which is attached to a 4-port USB connector.
    SSID is correctly named, channels match
    Security: PSK
    Encryption: TKIP

    Error: "You are connected to the access point, but the internet cannot be found"

    The access point provides me all the correct DHCP information.

    I can ping myself (the laptop)
    I cannot ping the gateway
    I cannot ping anything outside

    I do an ipconfig /all and everything looks good.

    Any help is appreciated.

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