The best QoS for Gaming and Everything else! Tomato

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Testing, Dec 9, 2017.

  1. Testing

    Testing Connected Client Member

    The best QoS for Gaming and Everything else!

    Basic Settings
    1. In "Prioritize small packets" untick: ACK, SYN, FIN, RST (Do not untick ICMP)
    2. Default Class to "High" (All the traffic of ports that do not have rules will go here)
    3. Change the Minimum/Maximum Bandwidth in Upload and Download of the Class, as in the image below.

    Now you just have to add rules according to their needs:
    1. Service for DNS, Time, NTP, DoT and RSVP.
    2. VOIP/Game for VoIP and Gaming ports. (DO NOT add ports 80 and 443 in this Class!)
    3. High for Other ports. (This Class is for ports that do not have a rule)
    4. Medium for Web Surf and enter the Games Lobby quickly. (The games use port 80 and 443 for this)
    5. Low for File Transfer and Watch videos.
    6. Bulk for Torrent/Bulk Traffic.
    - Just Add rules for ports in VOIP/Game, Medium, Low and Bulk Class that you do not want to be in High Class. (Class for ports that do not have a rule)
    - DO NOT add ports in the Service Class! (Only that for DNS, Time, NTP, DoT and RSVP)
    - DO NOT add ports in the High Class!

    Add those 8 rules in the same order:

    QoS Rules:
        Name                                  Port                     Protocol       Transferred       Class
        ****                                  ****                     ********       ***********       *****
    #1  DNS, Time, NTP, DoT, RSVP             53,37,123,853,3455       TCP/UDP        0-10              Service
    #2  DNS, Time, NTP, DoT, RSVP 10KB+       53,37,123,853,3455       TCP/UDP        10                Bulk
    #3  HTTP, HTTP Proxy, QUIC                80,8080                  TCP/UDP        0-1536            Medium
    #4  HTTPS, QUIC                           443                      TCP/UDP        0-1536            Medium
    #5  File Transfer                         80,443,8080              TCP/UDP        1536              Low
    #6  qBittorrent uTP                       6881-6889                TCP/UDP                          Bulk
    #7  BitTorrent                        L7: bittorrent               TCP/UDP                          Bulk
    #8  BitTorrent                     IPP2P: BitTorrent               TCP/UDP                          Bulk
    - Only add port of VoIP or Consoles/Games that you play in the Class VOIP/Game.
    - DO NOT add ports 80 and 443 of the Consoles/Games in VOIP/Games Class! (There are already rules for these ports #3, #4 and #5)
    - ADD any rule for port and Class, below the rule #8 BitTorrent

    VOIP/Games Ports
    DO NOT add ports 80 and 443 of the games in VOIP/Game Class (already exists a rule for these ports)

    The Best Wireless AC and Wired Routers
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  2. Testing

    Testing Connected Client Member

    I make this thread to make it easier to find by Google or here in the forum.

    The default configuration Tomato is obsolete, difficult to configure and understand.

    This QoS configuration gives you better results, it is simple and easy to understand.

    I hope it can be possible in the next update of any version of Tomato add this configuration:
    • Identical in Basic settings
    • In Classification only add these 6 rules # 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 (The #7 and 8 are optional)
    • To save time and work to the Gentlemen.
    The Gentlemen only have to change the Upload and Download and they will get the best QoS in the history! :p

    @shibby20 @Jacky444 @kille72 @pedro311 @Toastman @RMerlin @Ribrianne
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  3. Severus

    Severus Connected Client Member

    @Testing Thank you for sharing yours QoS settings. I have one question: where does value of 1536 kb (mentioned in classification) come from?
  4. Testing

    Testing Connected Client Member

    Experience gained :p
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  5. Mister.J

    Mister.J New Member Member


    Why choose the default class: "High" ??? (I just want to know the reason)
    Because the logic would be to assign the class "Low", as a low priority class but you assign 40% to 95% of bandwidth.

    Do we agree that 40% is the minimum value available when bandwidth is requested?

    Thank you in advance for your information. ;)
  6. idlebonez

    idlebonez Network Newbie Member

    Hi Testing,

    I have reading all over the place to find the optimal gaming qos setup to avoid ping spikes while the fam are streaming on netflix, YT, etc.

    I have implemented your setup with the only addition of the ports I found for BFV and PUBG. Will these work with other people streaming on the same line or do I have to do something else for Netflix, etc?

    I have attached my settings

    Attached Files:

  7. rs232

    rs232 Network Guru Member

    Thanks for this.

    It would be really good to have the lot of "nvram set" needed to set this up via the shell, perhaps added to the OP?

  8. Brycek88

    Brycek88 New Member Member

    idle bonez: To match the settings Testing provided, change your kbit transfer rate in the Classification settings for your Bulk DNS from 0-10K to 10K+ and your Low File Transfer from 0-1536K to 1536K+. You can do this by simply moving the 10K and 1536K values to the left box in transfer rate and leaving the right box blank.
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