The best way to have a static I.P. Address

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by partyk1d24, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. partyk1d24

    partyk1d24 Network Guru Member

    Ok guys,

    I'm just starting this so please be kind :drinking: . I want to set my computer up to do multiple things (I.E. remote desktop, host a website and an FTP) the problem is traditionally I have used the windows side to allocate I.P. addresses, now I have a couple bum neighbors and roomates that want to use my network connectio so (although it is encrypted) it is becoming harder and harder to set it up on each computer and I would like to be able to just throw on encryption with a pass-key and make sure my computer is no matter what. In my limited experiance this means assigning a MAC address to that IP. My question is does the linksys defualt firmware allow this or do I need a moded firmware. Oh and P.S. which mod will do this and run solid (I don't need a bunch of bells and whistles yet)!

    Thanks all you come HIGHLY recomended

    Jackie Gleason
  2. dale5605

    dale5605 Guest

    I don't see why you need MAC addresses. Just go into your computer and network connections and go to tcp/ip properties and then fill out your DNS servers, static ip, and static gateway. Then type services.msc in the run box and disable DNS Client and DHCP Client. :cheering:
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