The Constant Battle for Stable BEFSX41 Firmware Now at 1.52

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by dutch2005, Sep 25, 2005.

  1. dutch2005

    dutch2005 Network Guru Member

    Once again, I must give thanks for Flogator at for maintaining the vigilence for the die hard BEFSX41 line of VPN Endpoint Routers.

    In a recent thread at DSLreports he divulges yet another beta release for the hardware that tech support forgot.

    This release brings the firmware up to 1.52.5_beta4 and is know to fix the following bugs from previous releases:

    The bug called "Intrusion Logs don't show up" is now fixed
    The bug called "Accessing a long URL string cause reboots" is now fixed
    The QoS feature is partially working
    The limitation called "VPN shared secret limited to 24 characters" is now removed
    There are apparently a number of bugs still outstanding, but hopefully will be resolved as the beta progresses.

    If you'd like to discuss the developments - you can do so in the DSLreports thread or our own BEFxx Routers Forum

    Last but not least, pick up the firmware here - BEFSX41 v1.52.5_beta4 Firmware Assume this code is beta and not production use ready.

    *I got a BEFSR41 V3, and my firmware is 1.05.05 atm, can i upgrade it to this version?*

    (or is the X in this case a real X and not a "wildcard"?)

    my routers info
  2. banger

    banger LI Guru Member

    where is the BEFxx forum? Is it still around? I have tons of problems with my befsx41 ver 1
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