the further my laptop gets from wrt54gx2, the faster it gets

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by gt2000, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. gt2000

    gt2000 Network Guru Member

    Pretty much as the post states, that seems to be the case with my compaq r4000 with broadcom 802.11b/g integrated wlan. Just set this router up today, prior to it I had a D-link 524, always showed 54mbps.

    I noticed after setting up the WRT54GX2, that my laptop was showing 18-24mbps, and it was dropping connection randomly, updated drivers on the laptop to the latest available (only avail through windows update), and updated the firmware on the router to the latest through linksys (non-beta).

    Still showing 18-24mbps, sometimes 5.5mbps depending on the channel, tried cycling through all channels, no improvement anywhere.

    I have a desktop downstairs with a belkin 54g adaptor, that was showing a nice 54mbps/excellent signal (my laptop is showing excellent as well).

    My laptop is almost always sitting right next to the router, I know I could plug an ethernet cable in when it's sitting on the desk, however, I like having one less cable around. So, I decided to take the laptop downstairs for s and g's, and, after I sat down on the coach, there it was, 54mbps! I went back upstairs, and, after a minute of the laptop being on my desk again...18-24mbps.

    This may be a dumb question, maybe something I missed in documentation, but, is there a good reason that, the further my laptop gets away from the router, the better the connection?

    Signal strength never strays from excellent anywhere in the house, however the actual throughput rate is what increases with distance...

    I haven't spent enough time on the desktop machine downstairs to see if that pc is having the same intermittent dropouts that my laptop is experiencing, will probably get to that tomorrow..

    But I will say that I have no trouble at all wired on this thing, and, the desktop on the 1st floor has no trouble picking up 13-15Mbps over wireless WAN.
  2. RonWessels

    RonWessels Network Guru Member

    The closer your laptop gets to your router, the stronger the signal is. However, at some point, you will begin to overload the signal input, and the signal-to-noise coming out of the radio will actually decrease.

    It's sort of like shouting. If someone is shouting at you, you can understand them much better from further away than if they're right next to you.
  3. gt2000

    gt2000 Network Guru Member

    Yeah..I can definitely understand that..this is the first router I've actually had this happen with though, lol.

    Thanks much for the response.
  4. dfischer

    dfischer Network Guru Member

    It's a known behavior of this chipset...
  5. gt2000

    gt2000 Network Guru Member

    Yeah, I saw the msg on the box I need to figure out if constantly dropping wireless connections is also a common feature built into this router...ugh.
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