The future of the Linksys VPN routers.

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by Sfor, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. Sfor

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    Well. Since the Cisco acquired Linksys a new series of RVxxx routers appeared. I bought one RV042 v3, but it never ended behaving as I would like it to. So, instead of the new devices I kept buying used old RV042 and RV082 routers. In the effect I found out quite a lot about these devices. It is much easier to play with cheaper, older and used devices, when there is not much to be lost in the process.

    In the longer run I replaced almost all problematic Linksys WRV200 with refubished RV042 and RV082 using just a fraction of money I would have to spend on RVxxx v3.

    The old Linksys RVxxx routers are not perfect, but I know enough about them to trust in their reliability when they are maintained correctly.

    Unfortunately the RVxxx v3 did not have such a trust, and apparently did not sell well enough for Cisco to consider the Linksys brand a good enough to keep. In my case the reason was the Cisco support, which did not resolve any of my problems. In all the cases they asked me to provide the Wireshark data when the problem occured. It did not seemed to be a support system designed for small business level. I had no previous experience with Wireshark and I had no time to play with problematic devices, so I started buying old Linksys RVxxx routers, instead. Now the Linksys is the Belkin propriety. It should not impact the old linksys devices in any way, I think. But, what will become with the newer RVxxx v3 routers? Will they support them, or their development will stop. The Belkin does seem to be an inferior brand, when compared to Cisco.

    What are your thoughts and experiences in this matter?
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  2. Sfor

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    Well, it took a little over a whole year for Cisco to release a new firmware version for the RV0xx v3 routers. There are a lot of changes there. Many issues I've encountered are marked as fixed. So, it could be worth taking another attempt to evaluate these devices.

    I have to say, I was convinced, the Cisco abandoned the RV0xx series, after selling Linksys brand name to Belkin. But, they were working on the firmware the whole time.

    In the mean time I found a better place for my RV042 v3 device. It has a certain advantage over the old RV0xx devices. It is possible to split a subnet between LAN WAN and DMZ So, I placed it behind an old RV016 device, and made a firewall from it.
  3. Toxic

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    yes the more stable RV Series (intel chipset) does seem to have development in place, whereas RVS* WRV* and WRVS* dont.

    btw nice idea regarding the firewall.
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