The Santori 4 firmware is buggy on WDS!!!

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by big_redfox, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. big_redfox

    big_redfox Network Guru Member

    I have tried to link two WRT54GS together to extend the range. After 3 nights of guessing, I got some progress. I am totally unhappy on the WDS part of the Santori 4 firmware. Sveasoft also closed support forum which makes things even worse. The doc site ( is totally out of date and points you do closed links on their forum.

    Here is what I did:

    Router 1 is on DSL with WDS in lan mode and MAC address of router 2. Firewall and loopback is off.

    Router 2 has diffrent range of DHCP and WDS has MAC address of router 1 and in lan mode. Firewall and loopback is off. Gateway is point to the IP address of router 1.

    Both rounter has same infomation on SSID, channel and WEP.

    After rebooting both routers, computers on router 2 can ping router 1 gateway and can log into router1. I can also ping the gateway of my DSL, but not the DNS. I can see computers on router 1 and access their disks. BUT, COMPUTER ON ROUTER 2 HAS NO INTERNET ACCESS!!

    OK, I thought it might be the problem of the DHCP server of router 2. So I turn off the DHCP on it thus make router 2 a repeater. It works great! Err, just for a while

    After trying to move the router 2 around the house which means I have to reboot it several times, something bad happens. Whenever router 2 is on, the computers around it immediately dropped their IP address from router 1 and try to get IP addr from router 2, which has DHCP off. So they stuck with no IP address.

    I am not sure even with some documentation and help from Sveasoft this setup should work. It looks like the firmware is not stable. This is the reason I do not want to pay $20 for newer version until I can get it working.

    What Sveasoft should do is to have the Santori forum open for everyone for free. Once everyone is happy with the older firmware, people like me is more likely to pay up for new versions. That's bad marketing from Sveasoft!
  2. derprofi

    derprofi Guest

    Works great for me!!!!

    You mean Satori, right? Personally, WDS works great for me. Well worth my $20.
  3. viper54g

    viper54g Network Guru Member

    Satori 4 firmware indeed is buggy. My wrt54g just crashes almost every day. And that for a half year bèta testing. :roll:

    Wifi-Box is a lot more stable, but the project seems to be dead :(

    I do not need all that 'cool' features from Sveasoft. I only need a 'power hack' and 'antenna select'.
  4. Mark_Venture

    Mark_Venture Network Guru Member

    Re: Works great for me!!!!

    I too am having problems getting WDS to work. Would you be willing to tell how you went about setting it up so I can see what I am doing wrong? Thanks!!
  5. rwhitby

    rwhitby Network Guru Member

    Did you do a full 30 second hold down reset before *and* after the firmware upgrade?
  6. LatinSuD

    LatinSuD Network Guru Member

    WDS pain (2 nights)

    I bought many linksys wrt54g and tried Satori with wds and happened this:
    - WDS interface is not always raised. In some AP i had to enter telnet and do this manually: "ifconfig wds0.2 netmask up"
    - WDS bridging does not work! In almost all my tests when did "brctl addif br0 wds0.2" on both sides i lost ping.
    - WDS manually routing seemed not to work (or i did something wrong).
    - OSPF is slow, and seem not to work always.
    - Afterburner mode made the client (Apple airport 802.11b) not able to associate.

    Finally set WDS (no bridge) and OSPF, and it seems to work at least with of the 3 linksys. We tried a complex example:
    client11b (wifi link) linksys (wds link) linksys (wds link) linksys (lan) client
    and worked with about 100-200KB troughput.

    We also tried openwrt-eh (spanish edition) and wds bridging seemed to work, but we finally declined to use it because we prefer to use dynamic routing (which the firmware lacks).
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