The worst and most expensive router on the market WRT1900AC

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by max-bit, May 11, 2014.

  1. max-bit

    max-bit Network Newbie Member

    I am very disappointed with this model. You can see that he was released on hastily, without testing the software is very weak, the router has enormous problems with stability just hangs, performance varies and is not the best.
    This is the second Linksys product that is simply hopeless (the first is EA6700)
    And it has to be the flagship model of the Linksys?
    The most expensive router on the market and probably also the worst router on the market
    I'm going to make a huge share - anti-advertising for the company for such a bad device
    Somebody will think!
    Do not buy this ROUTER is the worst and most expensive router on the market
    It looks nice, but pay 250 Euro with something that just looks nice!?
    !!! The worst and most expensive router on the market !!!
    One example of
    Ping the router!
    Directly from the computer reaches to 3-4 seconds!

  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Strange that many device forums have run loads of reviews and not said anything like what you have said vast majority will slate it for price yes, it is expensive to say the least. I too was given a wrt1900ac to test before launch date. I have not as yet had any issues with it and have had up .to 17 devices connected via lan/wifi

    There is somewhat an issue with developers getting all the source code but I am sure something will come about regarding that.
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    Pinged both router and my nas from my phone (using wifi) just now. 16ms to NAS. 11ms to router.


    how is your PC connected to the router? are you using CAT6/5e cable or wifi? what speed are you connected at?

    That High a latency would suggest bandwidth is throttled or you have a cabling issue with dropped packets.

    Reviews with no issues as you have stated:
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  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    If you to intend of making Linksys suffer for your issues please make sure you document every test procedure you carry out and that you have contacted Linksys Tech support regarding your issues before unleashing the hounds of them:)
  4. PaulM-D

    PaulM-D Network Guru Member

    No issues here. Works reliably well.
  5. sm00thpapa

    sm00thpapa Serious Server Member

    Last firmware fixes a lot of issues. Try it out.
  6. paulnevin

    paulnevin New Member Member

    The new Linksys WRT1900AC has a design that is clearly meant to evoke the WRT54G, but it's a whole new beast. My first WRT54G was a Broadcom BCM4702 running @ 125Mhz, although later models went to 240Mhz.
  7. dborn62

    dborn62 New Member Member

    Hi all,

    I was a member a long time ago and my account expired. I'm back now and wanted to ask a question about the WRT1900ACS that I just bought to replace my trusty but aging wrt54gs, still running on dd-wrt.

    I think I like the ACS but I can see myself getting off the stock firmware pretty soon :) as soon as dd-wrt or openwrt fix their wifi issues (hopefully they can).

    My current question on the latest stock firmware (169041): I am seeing in my opendns logs that the router pings the main belkin address (sorry, first post, no links allowed) like crazy, about 2400 times a day!. The second most busy dns lookup, from my wifi thermostat is about 200 times a day. Anybody else notice this?

    I've turned off the remote linksyssmartwifi access and didn't turn on the automatic firmware update. It probably wouldn't be a good idea blocking the belkin address in opendns as it would no doubt prevent the router from working.

    What is your firmware of choice for the 1900AC/ACS? I want something as "automatic-through-a-gui" as possible although I know my way around an shell window :)

    Thanks for your input,
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