The WRE54G range extenders are horrible!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Dec 6, 2005.

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    I spent 3 hours on the phone with support yesterday trying to get 2 units, one version 1 (1.06.05), one version 2 (2.01.12), to work with our WRV54G (2.37) access point, to no avail. The firmware was updated on all units.

    The version 1 unit did not work at all, despite reassurances from support that it should. Both lights were blue, but I could never ping the access point thru the extender. The version 2 unit would work sporadically. Our main issue is that I could not get it to relay DHCP information at all. If I set my IP manually, then I could use it, but even then it wasn't a stable connection, and I would have to continually reconnect. All the time the signal meter was at 5 bars. DHCP is a must as I am setting up this wireless network for a conference, and was not about to assign 150+ IPs.

    I have had no issues at all connecting directly to the WRV54G.

    Note, the auto config button *ONLY* works if your wireless network is on the 192.168.1.*, network as the units default to We are using the 192.168.2.* for our wireless network b/c the WRV54G gets a 192.168.1.* address IP from the DSL modem for the WAN port.

    So for those people out there looking to extend their range, I strongly suggest that you avoid these units unless you have no other choice.

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