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    Hey guys, im not sure if anyone uses this, but here is an update anyway. Changed a lot in this version, and again it should be far more automated. It should work fine as long as you have the SSH daemon enabled (with pass login).

    Feedback as always is appreciated.



    Custom theme installer for Tomato firmware
    Author: Mikey242
    Version: 0.4


    This batch script will display the themes stored in the themes folder and allow you to automatically
    install them to the correct folder on your router. You can add more themes by putting their folder
    into the themes folder.This is done by automatically setting up a local smb share and mounting that
    folder as cifs on the router. All you will need to do is select the local folder on the computer
    that you would like to use as the SMB share and configure a few options in the ini file. Once the
    theme is installed both the cifs mount and the smb share will be unmounted and unshared.

    Use auto.bat to automatically install (no intervention) theme specified in config.ini. This is useful
    for adding to your computers startup folder in the startmenu to automatically set the router's theme.


    1. Ensure that the SSH daemon is running and is set up to allow a password login.

    2. Also ensure that "Color Scheme" is set to "Custom" under "Admin Access"

    3. If you are runnung into errors with "Mounting cifs2" ensure that your windows login is set to use a password to login.

    4. Next set up the config.ini file with the crudentials for your router (wizard on first run).

    5. Now run themeselector.bat, enter the number associated with the desired theme and press enter.

    6. This should now install the theme on your router and if launchbrowser=true it will open your default brower and navigate to your router.

    PuTTY -
    INIFile - Horst Schaeffer
    Authors of all included themes, i take no credit for anything other than the script.
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