Thibdor 15 improvements over Tofu 13?

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by bluefiberoptics, May 21, 2006.

  1. bluefiberoptics

    bluefiberoptics Network Guru Member

    I'm considering upgrading to Thibdor 15 from Tofu 13c for my WRT54G v. 2 Router. My question is this: Have there been any improvements in performance/fixed bugs that are not present in Tofu 13c?

    I'm just curious if everyone feels that I Thibdor is a worthy upgrade from Tofu 13c. Thank you. :)
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    if you look at the differences since 14 there are many. A lot are just fixes however differences will be down to "Added" and "Updated" features as well. The firmware also have a newer code base.

    # 15c

    * Fixed Access Restrictions screwing with ipaddr and macaddr blocking.
    * Added bf1942, battlefield2, CounterStrike, CS:Source and MSN File Transfers to Applications list in QoS.asp.
    * Made menu lists grey in QoS.asp
    * Made text boxes in DMZ.asp larger.


    * Fixed DDNS....yet again, pptp fix broke it.
    * integrated changes to DMZ.asp I've been working on.


    * Fixed Zoneedit.
    * Fixed PPTP not giving correct IP to DDNS.
    * Fixed WOL.
    * Fixed Logging bug.
    * Fixed Large file transfer issue for Gv2.2 type. enter "nvram set cpu_overdrive=1;nvram_commit" in the command page, or via Telnet/SSH.
    * Fixed rtsp_conntrack.


    * Added Zoneedit to DDNS.


    * Fixed cosmetic QoS page bug that caused Summary not to show.


    * Fixed Access Restrictions not working(G/GS/GL).
    * Changed Logon Prompt to Router Name(G/GS/GL).
    * Added Prioritize ACK & ICMP to QoS page(G/GS/GL).
    * Added rtsp_conntrack to the kernel(G/GS/GL).
    * Added Qwerty's Etherwake mod to busybox(G/GS/GL).
    * Fixed some screwy web gui code in QoS.asp(G/GS/GL).
    * Fixed Reboot command not working. a busybox issue.
    * Added GUI RW support for NTFS, REISERFS, EXT2, EXT3, FAT, FAT32. Only FAT32 can be claimed by the router though. Perhaps a skilled user will make the mkfs.ntfs, mkfs.reiserfs, mkfs.ext2, etc as addons.
    * Wol didn't work. Until qwerty gets to update it, i have changed over to Ether-wake which is present in Busybox.


    * Using 4.71.1 Codebase(WRT54G/GS/GL Only).
    * Added Progressive QoS and Integrated Layer7 support(WRT54G/GS/GL Only).
    * Added PPTP DHCP Option to Index.asp(WRT54G/GS/GL Only).
    * Using 2.00.5 Codebase(WRTSL54GS Only).
    * Updated to Busybox version 1.1.2
    * Updated Iptables to version 1.3.5
    * Updated Dropbear to version 0.48.1 and integrated Rupan's patch
    * Added Layer7 support to the command line. the Protocols are in /etc/l7-protocols.
    * Fixed Numerous Web Page bugs.
    * Integrated grcore's dhcp patch for when the LAN is disabled.
    * Updated Log page.
    * Updated HRedirect.asp to reflect it's redirect, not forwarding.
    * Added Service Type for PPPoE.
    * Fixed Dial On Demand bug, P2P QoS was the cause; i've removed it for now.
    * Fixed Incorrect UPnP IGD Name.
    * Integrated jchuit's ddns.c to fix ddns not updating.
    * The Iptables matches installed are:layer7, ipp2p, webstr, string, limit, multiport, comment, addrtype, tcpmss, u32, connlimit, connmark, state, psd, tos, mac, mark, iprange, icmp, time.
    * All fixes and additions are relevant to ALL versions(G/GS/SL) with the exception of codebase changes.
    * Thibor15 for the WRT300N is coming soon...

    # show more...

    * Upgraded IPP2P to version 0.81_rc1.
    * Modified minimum idle time for Dial On Demand to 0.
    * Added "Zonnedit","EZ-IP" and "EasyDNS" to DNS page.
    * Added Local Log option to Log.asp.
    * Added 2 IMQ virtual devices for Advanced QoS functions(cli only).
    * Dropbear now supports AES128/256.
    * Added lots of iptables matches/targets whilst maintaining stability.
    * Fixed Conntrack bug not starting at bootup.
    * Fixed Parental Control not working.


    * Added Port Redirection Functionality and Webpage.
    * Added P2P blocking in the Firewall GUI.Blocks Bittorrent, Kazaa, WinMX, Edonkey, DC and Gnucleus using ipp2p
    * Added P2P Specific QoS in GUI
    * Added Static DNS list option to use Static Entries as backup for ISP DNS Servers.
    * Added Portscan blocking option to firewall.
    * Set Max update period for DDNS to 28 days.
    * Integrated Safari capfix from tofu.
  3. bluefiberoptics

    bluefiberoptics Network Guru Member

    Thank you for posting the changes, I appreciate it. :) Looks like I'll have to upgrade once my Bit Torrent downloading spree is done.
  4. Zxian

    Zxian Network Guru Member

    I'll second this. I didn't find that much of a change going from Tofu13 to Thibor 14, but the switch from 14->15c is well worth the reset :)
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