Thibor 14 "direct loader" for the "G/GL"

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by NateHoy, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    I noticed on Thibor's page today that his firmware build for the WRT54G / GL is out. This is, as most of you may know, the same as Thibor 14, but with a codepattern that "fools" the WRT54G/GL into thinking that it is loading a "G" firmware.

    (note: I've also posted this on

    To save Thibor time for the inevitable questions "which should I load", here is a list (the same basics are on his page, but I'm gonna post 'em here, too):

    From **STOCK LINKSYS** Firmware:

    WRT54GS (V1-V3 Serial # CGN5 and prior):

    WRT54GS (V4 CGN6):

    WRT54G (V1-V4 CDFA and prior) and WRT54GL:

    WRT54G V5 (CDFB) / WRT54GS V5 (CGN7): Umm, yeah, right. *BZZT!* Thanks for playing.

    UPDATE: MD5 checksums, for those of you who want to double check your files before loading:

    CFB71AAB5CC64441CB4249ED68F172C7 hyperwrt_g_thibor14.bin
    83213681EDFBFABBCA37EF045811833E hyperwrt_gs_thibor14.bin
    0506607363CF7740288ADA2F249491DB hyperwrt_gsv4_thibor14.bin

    From recent Tofu, Thibor, or DD-WRT builds: Honestly, you can probably use any of them. Assuming there is no codepattern checker in the firmware loader on your WRT54G/GS/GL router, the three files are functionally identical, and will load precisely the same firmware to your router. The ONLY reason for having the three versions is to "trick" the Linksys stock firmware loaders into allowing Thibor to be loaded. Everything after the header is completely identical. So if you are upgrading from Tofu 13c, for example, take your pick. I'd just use the "normal" (Hyperwrt_GS_Thibor) one. In fact, that is EXACTLY what I did do. :thumb:

    Having said that, older Tofu builds (I think) may have used the stock firmware loader, which does a codepattern check. So I'd start with the same firmware as listed above for "G" routers running Tofu. Worst case, you can always load Linksys stock firmware then load Thibor from there (based on the recommended versions above).

    *** WARNING FOR G and GL owners ***: Thibor does not own a G or GL router. He depends on us unwashed G and GL heathen to do his testing for him. So far, I have heard absolutely no reports of brickage caused by Thibor, and I know for a fact that my G V4 is very, very happy with Thibor. However, if you want to do this, you are taking a risk.

    As always, look on Thbor's page ( ) for the latest versions and information.

    Personally, I recommend the following:

    1. Do a "Factory reset" on your router and disconnect it from the Internet before flashing. This ensures a known good state for your router, and no load interfering with the upgrade process.

    2. Connect a single computer via LAN cable, make sure your DHCP lease has plenty of time, and load the firmware normally from the web interface.

    3. Allow it to reboot on its own. Patience. Don't touch that power cable until you see it reboot, or until at least 10 minutes has elapsed. Once you get the "success" message in your browser, or see the fresh login screen, shut down and restart your browser so no session information is preserved.

    3. Do a factory reset with "clear NVRAM" after Thibor loads, the router will reboot again.

    4. Rekey your configuration settings (before connecting to the Internet).

    5. Once your router is secured and set up, reboot it one last time to start cleanly with your new settings (REBOOT button in Administration), hook back up to the Internet and have fun.

    Yes, there are shortcuts. No, you don't have to be this paranoid. But a few extra minutes might make the difference between a good upgrade and one that either fails outright or just doesn't work quite right due to some "stuck" old NVRAM data.
  2. Thibor

    Thibor Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    i couldn't say it any better myself mate. thanks :)
  3. callous

    callous Network Guru Member

    I was wondering, isnt it safer to have the .bin in .zip mode? An incomplete download of the file by even 1 byte could brick the router.

    Just a thought
  4. Thibor

    Thibor Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    thanks for your suggestion, i'll take it into consideration; although please don't be offended if i ignore it
  5. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    I downloaded all three files, and I already had two of them from previous downloads and did a file compare on them. Then I ran MD5 on all three files and added MD5 checksums to my original post.

    CFB71AAB5CC64441CB4249ED68F172C7 hyperwrt_g_thibor14.bin
    83213681EDFBFABBCA37EF045811833E hyperwrt_gs_thibor14.bin
    0506607363CF7740288ADA2F249491DB hyperwrt_gsv4_thibor14.bin

    That should offer good verification tools. Anyone who has a working firmware image who gets a different MD5 signature from me, please let me know. But two of them, at least, have been confirmed with two separate downloads over different days.

    MD5 numbers obtained using on Windows XP Pro SP2.
  6. Ragnorok

    Ragnorok Network Guru Member

    Didn't see this thread so I went with Tofu13 first...

    - I have Thibor14 waiting in the wings, so to speak, but so far I'm not convinced it's extra features are worth reconfiguring everything ... again. But I'm sure I'll use it some time because, well, Tofu has gone the way of the Dodo bird, from what I've read here.
    - I didn't do Thibor first because the web site doesn't say it works with a v4 unit, where numerous posts here said that Tofu13 -> Thibor14 is foolproof. Seemed like a small inconvenience. (grin)
    - I've seen posts by Thibor saying it does work, but I've seen numerous posts that also say he does't have a WRT54G to test with. (wink) I'm always a "better safe than sorry" kinda guy when it comes to things that aren't readily reversable!
    - Of particular note is the link to the correct version to use for the varous routers. I'd sort of come to this conclusion myself, but wasn't feeling supremely confident of my results. Hopefully some other n00b will find thread and know alles ist gut...
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