Thibor 15c is crazy solid

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by dsr70, May 28, 2006.

  1. dsr70

    dsr70 Network Guru Member

    I had some instability with earlier Tofu and Thibor builds and was a little sour on the whole wrt experience because of it. No fault of Thibor and Tofu, since the stock Linksys firmware had the same problems.

    I for a long time assumed it was my Atheros based miniPCI card not being 100% compatible with a Broadcom based router. I had to tweak a lot of settings to be able to keep a connection from dropping and reacquiring every 20-30 mins. Plus DHCP quit on me a lot.

    Now with Thibor 15, things are freaking perfect. Not a single drop, not a single DHCP problem. Plus all the awesome Thibor features, excellent QOS, WPA2 that is flawless, etc etc. I've got over a week uptime currently with 30+ gigs of transfer with not a single peep of trouble. VOIP, music, & print server are wired to the router with laptops wireless.

    AWESOME. First time I have ever donated to a software developer. $10.

  2. Thibor

    Thibor Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    thank you very very much. :)
  3. iElectric

    iElectric LI Guru Member

    I guess it was utorrent or some other bittorrent client... Yeah Thibor 14+ fixes the bug. GJ!
  4. Dawggy

    Dawggy Network Guru Member

    Thibor I think this last version 15c is your best work so far!!!
    Love it Looove it LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!
    :cheering: :cheer: :cheering:
    Keep up the great work.
  5. Thibor

    Thibor Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    i'm very pleased that you're happy with it. carry on :)
  6. picachuX

    picachuX Network Guru Member

    :drinking: Loving it aswell, it's been perfect after the small bugfix with adding access restrictions rules.
  7. How sweet it is!

    Needed switch, boxes on sale at Radio Shack. Bought Box. Burned FW (15c). set up box. took 15 minutes....... Sweet!

    Thanks Thibor et al!!!!

    Great work, Mates!

    I am donating today! Keep it up :cheering:

    Park Ridge Dave
  8. GhaladReam

    GhaladReam Network Guru Member

    WRT54GS v2.0 With HyperWRT 2.1b1 + Thibor 15c...

    Current uptime: 33 days, 11 hours. GO THIBOR!
  9. Thibor

    Thibor Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    thank you for confirming my findings with this firmware. it's very stable in my house too.
  10. xcqckng

    xcqckng Guest

    i'm wifi newbie, bought WRT54G v3.1 with original FW v4.00.7. Found this interesting forum, upgraded Firmware Version: v4.71.1, Hyperwrt 2.1b1 + Thibor15c. Works perfectly, strong wireless signal & faster internet access. Kudos to Thibor & Toxic great work, very much appreciate it!!! :thumbup:
  11. lhahehal

    lhahehal Network Guru Member

    yup been using thibor 15c for quite some time ... all i can say is wow ... its very stable when running for long hours..

    thanks for this wonder firmware..
  12. xer47

    xer47 LI Guru Member

    yeah thats rather strange I used to get very good signal with T12, and 100% transmition, now it's default 50% and the signal is excellent and rock solid! :( too good to be true :)
  13. digitalgeek

    digitalgeek Network Guru Member

    I started using Thibor at 14 and was quite impressed... I was told by a buddy that you could use alternate firmware on a linksys router but might not be possible with a v4. After a bit of reading I learned is was not only possible, but improved performance. After further research I found open WRT, DD-wrt and HyperWRT... HyperWRT lead me to Thibor. I then read up on DD-WRT and Thibor. I then flashed with Thibor 14... and was imediately impressed with the features and performance, but disappointed with WPA. Now with 15c i have seen great impovement in features and performance. I am happy to say I am running WPA2 with no problems and will continue to use and follow Thibor! (With original firmware I used to restart/reboot my router daily, now with Thibor I haven't had to reboot since I upgraded to 15c)

    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!!! :cheer:
  14. xer47

    xer47 LI Guru Member

    can thibor comment on signal strength? why is it so strong with 15c? I mean I dont understand the fact that now Im getting full 5 bars with 50% transmition rate, but with thibor 12 I was getting 3-4 bars, with 100% transmition.
  15. Thibor

    Thibor Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    why should i need to comment?
    they don't concur with my findings, but your mileage may vary.
  16. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    I also thought latest thibor had stronger wireless - using a Dell laptop with built in wireless. So I turned the transmit strength down to 25% from default 50%. Gone batch to an older laptop with pc card 54GS - had to put the power back up to be able to connect at all on different floor in the house!

    Do you find any difference in wireless strength between stock v4.71.1, and latest Thibor? I believe all users get the European channel nos and default transmit power. I am not going to try - I've been up 16 days another 9 to go to see if my dyndns script patches the update problem!
  17. xer47

    xer47 LI Guru Member

    sorry, wrong wording :) I mean im kinda glad the signal is that strong now, but maybe it happens bacause of something which is not intended (afraid to a the "b" word lol), like it might show 50% but whatever you choose it's still 100% or something? just a wild guess, nothing more.

    If thats the way it's supposed to be - Im more than happy :cheering:

  18. GhaladReam

    GhaladReam Network Guru Member

    Ok. I don't think some people realize just how crazy solid Thibor15c really is. Not only is my uptime at 37 days, but during those 37 days, I've transferred several Terabytes of total data between the other PCs in my network, all while downloading torrents, transferring many files, running my FTP, playing games. You name it, I've probably done it.. All from my little WRT54GS v2.0.

    I know I've posted in this thread already praising Thibor's firmware, it's just that I've had many bad experiences in the past with crappy hardware+software. I'm just VERY GLAD that I've finally found a combination that actually works the way it was intended, and then some! It's eliminated many-a headache, and will probably prevent me from having a brain hemmorage later in life. (Ok that's going a bit far but anyhow)

    When I get my next paycheque, Thibor will be getting a donation from me. I've never donated to a firmware or open-source deveoper, but let me say, you'll be the first!
  19. Thibor

    Thibor Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    flashed with 15c on May 7

    Uptime : 60 days, 22:47:43

    don't need to say anymore.
  20. tuskan

    tuskan Network Guru Member

    I have rebooted once - somehow device started 2 act like a brige - му laptop got IP from providers DHCP... and wireless was dead.
  21. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    yes you do:) otherswise we would loose a developer:)
  22. ccbadd

    ccbadd Network Guru Member

    Thibor 15c just might be perfect! I have it running on three routers and all have been rock solid. I wish my new WRV-200 was as in your sites, but I have not seen any code released. Thanks for a job well done Thibor and I will be making a donation today.
  23. Thibor

    Thibor Super Moderator Staff Member Member

  24. tonyp2020

    tonyp2020 Network Guru Member

    Rock Solid? Oh yes

    WRT54G V2.0, 61 Days with no reboot.
    Last reboot was to eliminate router, fault was with NTL Broadband.
    Just added laptop running Windows XP, no problems, just connected when correct settings/security info input.
    Cheers Thibor, your router must be up to 90+ days connected by now?
  25. lwf-

    lwf- Network Guru Member

    My high score :)P) is a month, it rebooted because of power loss. :)
  26. Mercenary

    Mercenary Network Guru Member

    There is one problem with 15c. QoS. If you enable it and configure, all is fine, but the moment you reboot or power off and on no one can access the internet any more and configuring the router is a bit hit and miss. Turn off QoS and all is fine again.
  27. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry but I cannot confirm this at all.
  28. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    What happens when \tmp fills up with log files? Is this handled correctly by the OS?

    Uptime :   	18 days, 02:25:48  	   	 
    System Load :  	0.00 / 0.00 / 0.00 	  	 
    LAN (rx/tx) : 	
    395.64 M (0.41 K/s)	 	7.27 G	(1.62 K/s)
    WLAN (rx/tx) : 	
    26.93 M	(0.00 K/s)	 	743.84 M	(0.08 K/s)
    WAN (rx/tx) : 	
    7.12 G	(1.54 K/s)	 	422.56 M	(0.43 K/s)
    Last reboot due to power cut - I'll have to get a UPS!
  29. GhaladReam

    GhaladReam Network Guru Member

    Haha... I just checked my uptime because I was curious...

    91 days, 01:57:35

    Simply AMAZING.

    I'm gonna hate it when and if this number gets reset! I wanna see how long I can keep the uptime...
  30. AmyGrrl

    AmyGrrl Network Guru Member

    I really like HyperWRT it solve all my problems in one fail swoop.... I only wish the thing had built in XLink Kai support like DD-WRT.. I recently tried DD-WRT just for that feature.. but the thing is way too buggy and unstable.... go HyperWRT...
  31. GhaladReam

    GhaladReam Network Guru Member

    Paste the following code into the startup script of Thibor15c and you've got yourself a Kai daemon... I took this info from Thibor's website.

    cd /tmp
    echo "#!/bin/sh cd /tmp
    if [ ! -s gokaid ]; then
    get kaiid\`\" -O gokaid
    sleep 1;chmod +x gokaid;fi
    ./gokaid" > startkaid
    chmod +x startkaid
    echo "*/2 * * * * root /tmp/startkaid" > cron.d/check_kaid
    touch crontab
    mkdir wwwext
    echo "<iframe width=396 height=175 frameborder=0 scolling=auto
    marginwidth=0 marginheight=0
    </iframe>" > wwwext/kai.asp
    Save, then reboot when you're done. It may take up to 2-4 minutes for the program to fully start. The setup page will be located at

    For information about Kai and for other ways to get a Kai daemon running on the router:
  32. AmyGrrl

    AmyGrrl Network Guru Member

    I've already tried that before... and some other kai scripts for HyperWRT and they never worked... I'm pretty sure I tried the script on this site.... ... and it didn't work.... but it sure seems to work now.... =^_^=
  33. GhaladReam

    GhaladReam Network Guru Member

    I so often have many friends complain to me that their routers constantly disconnect, and have other various issues. I just tell them to give in and buy a linksys wireless router with a Linux-based firmware, and they usually ask me how that will help. I then tell them about the highly-skilled firmware programmer, Thibor, and the work he's done with the Linksys stock firmware. Most of my friends now have shiny new WRTSL54GS's or WRT54GL's loaded with Thibor's "crazy solid" firmware.

    Why am I telling you this story? Because one of my friends recently made a funny comment. He said...

    "Wow, man... This firmware is so stable...I just had a Thiborgasm!"

    I know I've said it many time already, even in this thread, but..

    GO THIBOR! (can hardly wait for number 16!)
  34. tfdiego

    tfdiego Guest

    Running two separate routers on a 100 acre ranch with high gain antenna's serving 5 locations, and twice that number of pc's or laptops. Just checked the routers and i have 54 days of uptime. i can migrate from one to the other on a laptop to different coverage areas. Now if I could get XP to work as flawlessly! Thibor, thank you. Linksys owes you a great deal, for having done this. :thumbup:
  35. maxabnormal

    maxabnormal Network Guru Member

    We are using about 40 linksys routers (WRT54G's and WRT54GL's) in South africa. Links are very stable, mostly used to share a dsl link with clients but 3 office's inter connected for WAN (+/-20gb transfer per month) with own dsl's and still run's like a charm. One thin i would not mind seeing added back in is the qos up and down bandwidth throttling and SNMP, well wait to see.

    GET this firmware it rocks!!!!!!!!!!

    check out for a FREAK out at dsl prices in sa.... :(

  36. Mag1c1an

    Mag1c1an LI Guru Member

    Love Thibor 15C

    I absolutely love Thibor 15c Firmware, tried several, including HyperWRT and XLink Kia Firmware. 15c is so stable its unbelievable. According to my status page i now have an uptime of 91 days.

    The only thing i really miss is Kai, i really wish that we could get a stable working version of this built into the firmware so i can connect my XBox. All the startup scripts ive found do not work.

    Other than that, top work Thibor.
  37. Thibor

    Thibor Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    there isn't a stable version of kaid for the mips platform; that's why the developers themselves removed support for it, the original kaistation firmware used an iframe linked to their servers and downloaded the binary directly from teamxlink.
  38. gaster

    gaster Network Guru Member

    I was a bit over 90 days uptime until a storm hit and took out power for several hours. I had a small UPS, but it wasn't enough.
    No problems or issues I could see with Thibor 15c on a WRT54GS v1.0.
  39. kdid

    kdid Network Guru Member

    Big thanks to Thibor and all HyperWRT-developers! Been running Thibor15c for some time now on my WRT54GL and WRT54G v.3 without any issues at all, rock solid!

    Love the ability to turn on/off the wlan with a single button on the router. For those who still havent decided what to flash and dont need so much extra features, choose HyperWRT Thibor.
  40. Audible

    Audible LI Guru Member

    I need extensive logging and possibility to have real time network monitoring. Is this possible?
  41. dordal

    dordal Network Guru Member

    I'm somewhere around 90 days uptime.... just gave Thibor $20 USD. Nice job, dude!
  42. Thibor

    Thibor Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    sweet! thanks a lot :)
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