Thibor14 Firewall blocks all connections to the Internet

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by mattiL, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. mattiL

    mattiL Network Guru Member


    My WRT54GS 1.1 started blocking all internet access for one of my wirelessly connected machines.
    In the Outgoing log I could se Denied for all ip-addresses from this particular machine.

    I did also (about a week ago) see some messages like these in the logs, but it didn't seem to do anything at the time. These messages pointed out my machine connected by wire to the router.

    I was able to ping the router and to login to the router by wireless but WAN access was denied.

    I had an uptime of 34 days+ with approximately 20GB transported over the network /WAN) and 6.3GB on the WLAN.

    A reboot through the admin page fixed this issue.

    This appears to be some little bug, I believe.

  2. Thibor

    Thibor Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    some little bug that only appears after 34 days? like i'm gonna be able to find that :|
    there is nothing in the firewall that will deny access TO the internet from any machine on the lan. have you got anything in the firewall script? perhaps you have some access restriction policy kicking in(which is the most likely explanation)
  3. mattiL

    mattiL Network Guru Member

    There's nothing added to the firewall script, just what's delivered in the firmware.
    The only access restriction I have is to deny access to the internet during nighttime for the second computer (the one connected by wlan).

    IA Policy 1 deny access 11.30pm - 11.55pm for
    IA Policy 2 deny access 12.00am - 9.00am for

    But this problem appeared in the afternoon.

    I certainly don't see this as a serious problem, nothing a little weekly reboot script can't fix ; )

    If I could make a wish though, I would love to see some time stamps on the messages in the logs.

    Thank's for a great fw
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