Thinking of buying the NSLU2 device

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by Tass, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. Tass

    Tass Network Guru Member

    Hello all i have been thinking of buying the NSLU2 device for some time now. And i would like some advice inspiration and what else you might have. Also i have some questions.

    First of all main reason why i am thinking about this is i read somewhere it can run as a media server for my Kiss Dp1500
    Is there any problems with this?

    secondly i read somewhere that it can be an FTP server too. I looked at this forums about FTP and it seems that i would need new firmware for this. Is there anything special i should know about all this?

    The 3rd party firmware is that also web based?

    Thank you all in advance

    If this is the wrong forum or there are already some info about this on the forums please accept my appologize and direct me towards the right place :)

    Yours sincerely

  2. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    I can answer questions about using it as an FTP server.

    You have to use the R63 firmware from Linksys (or the some of the other third party firmwares which I know little about). If you want to access the FTP server from the internet, it is best for security purposes to format the hard drives in ext3, the native NSLU2 format. You can use FAT32 if you are only planning to access the server from a LAN. I'd advise against using NTFS format as its access is buggy.

    The NSLU2 isn't blazing fast in throughput speeds or access times. For NAS devices that are 50-100% faster you must spend two to three times the cost of an NSLU2. You can expect throughput speeds of up to 4000 KByte/s with the NSLU2 if everything is properly set up on it and all ethernet ports are at proper duplex settings.
  3. Tass

    Tass Network Guru Member

    well i bought it and i am now upgrading the firmware. Do i need a 3rd party software to make it an FTP server or how does it work? :)

    Thank you for your advice so far.


    Edit i found out about how to use it after i updated the firmware im just working on how to give users access to different folders..if thats possible :)
  4. hybridcrx

    hybridcrx Network Guru Member

    NO, once you get the new firmware installed, you can begin using it as an FTP. Im not sure if you have to turn it on or not though.

    Just be sure to go through all the setup menus in the device and you should be all set. once you got it the way you want it


    Its possible. Goes to the shares menu and click on Access. From there you can assign the groups that you want to give access.

    Note that first you need to setup your groups and assign users to the groups
  5. Tass

    Tass Network Guru Member

    I having a bit of a problem with giving each FTP user his specific folder to logon to. I had it working for me once but i am having problems getting it to work again.

    if for instance i make a folder on disk 1 called "test"

    and i want my user "test1" to log directly into the test folder when he logs on to FTP ..and only see the "test" folder and not everything else. what should i do? im just confusing myself here trying to figure out what i did when i got it working :)

    I hope someone can help

    Thank you in advance

  6. hunman

    hunman Guest

    user connection number at same time

    Hi !

    If nslu2 have anybody, tell me an answer.
    We want to use nslu as nas. All of our user in building get a folder, what i mount as a network drive in their winxp.
    The question is:
    -I know, I can create a lot of user, but how many user can connect at the same time?
    -One user can mount for example 4 folder as a network drive?

    We have now a gigabit allnet all-6250 nas server, i can create a lot of user, but support only 5 user at same time & when I manage a policy it hang, crash.

    We want to buy nslu2, but i need this information about it.

    for example :

    -every user a self

    and mount in winXP as a network device for example:
    t drive: self folder (self, only tom can use)
    u drive: sales (group, only sales can use, member tom)
    v drive: open (all user can use for datachange)
    and this setup for 1 user
    we have 12 user, it mean 12x3 "user" at same time.

    one folder for example management is connected/served to 4 user, member, etc...

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