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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by badbob001, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. badbob001

    badbob001 Network Guru Member

    I want to provide analog phone service to another apartment in my building and the ideal solution would be a device that connects to an analog phone there, convert the signal to tcp/ip, and back in my apartment, another device to convert the signal from tcp/ip to analog for connection into my phone line. So basically, a tcp/ip based phone line extender. Does such a beast exists? Of course, I'm not interested in a $100,000 VOIP PBX system.

    The distance between the apartments prohibits running new wiring. I may resort to wireless or powerline networking. I have tried the alternative of just getting a cordless phone, but I couldn't get a signal with a 5.8Ghz DSS uniden phone. I had an old 900Mhz DSS phone that worked but had static. I think the higher-frequency phones sound clearer but can't get through walls as well. I was hoping a tcp/ip approach would be cleaner. I only intend this for voice so I don't need it to be perfect.

    I don't want to get a VOIP solution like vonage since the point of this is to save cost.

    Any ideas?
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    Yes.. I'm pretty sure it exists

    Hi BadBob-

    I explored the idea of doing something very similar.

    If I understand your scenerio correctly, basically -you (and I) want the ability to extend our standard telephones/faxs from the PSTN (aka "Land Line") via a private Ethernet network (either wired or wireless).

    Although I have not (yet?) purchased all the hardware and actually tested my plan- I'm pretty sure this is what's required.

    1. One Linksys/Vonage PAP2 (ignore the Vonage signup materials... since we're not interested in that)

    2. One SIP device that has a FXO port. I'm sure there are many others- but given the time I spent searching, this is the best device I found:

    If you want one or both of the units to be wireless- you'll probably need a wireless bridge, since both of these devices are (Ethernet) wired only. No problem- anything Ethernet-wired can be made wireless using some form of a Linksys WRT54G and a bridge
    (given that Buffalo's WLI-TX4-G54HP bridge supports the WPA-TKIP encryption that's on my network, and it's inexpensive...that's what I use).

    If you try this combination of equipment and manage to get it to work, please let me know!

  3. badbob001

    badbob001 Network Guru Member


    Thanks a lot! This is exactly the hint I needed to go the next step. After some googling, it looks this is not a new idea and others have done it successfully. It looks like I can setup two spa-3000 devices to bridge phone networks. I'm not quite ready at this point to implement this, but I'll post my results when I do.

    More info here:

    Once again, thanks!
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