Throughput of wrt54gs vs. pc connected to SACM

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by micken, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. micken

    micken LI Guru Member

    Hi, new here and I've done a fair bit of research on the issue below. Whilst I've found plenty of references to the type of problem, there don't seem to be any definitive answers.

    Any comments would be appreciated.

    I've recently upgraded my broadband connection to 10MB on NTL cable modem and installed a wrt54gs v.5 router. I've cloned the original gateway pc to the router and notice the following performance differences.

    1. With the gateway pc initially connected to the modem and with no router and other pc's connected the download and upload speeds are as I would expect, using a variety of measures.

    2. With the router (acting as gateway) connected to the modem and with a single pc connected to it by cat5 on port 1 and using the same tests as in 1. above I get download and upload speeds of around 40% of 1. above.

    I've been into QoS and made all the adjustments that I'm aware of.

    Two ideas:

    Is there a limit on the throughput on this model?
    Would flashing the firmware open up any further options in configuring the router?


  2. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    Something is very wrong - the WRT54GS should easily handle 10Mbps, my V1.1 certainly could!

    I tried the NTL 10Mbps but throughput was limited by the old Terayon modem I had which only has a 10Mbps half duplex Ethernet port.

    Do you have any way to check to see that the Router/Modem negotiate a 100Mbps link?

    Could be a bug with the VxWorks V5, I use Hyperwrt Thibor which is not available to you.
  3. micken

    micken LI Guru Member

    Thanks for reply mstombs.

    "Do you have any way to check to see that the Router/Modem negotiate a 100Mbps link?"

    If you give me a link or ideas I will try.
  4. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Hi m8 welcome to the site. what speed test are you using?

    url? I hope it is not adslguide.orgs test, this is known to be slow on ntl cablemodems for some unknown reason.

    Also what modem do you have? ntl:home 250?
  5. micken

    micken LI Guru Member

    Hi toxic and thanks for the welcome. I have ntl:home 250 as you guessed.

    I've used the quick test at, and also Dan Elwell's BB speedtest. They all give similar results.

    Any suggestions for more appropriate tests would be appreciated.


  6. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    firstly logon to your cablemodems GUI settings.

    logon/password should be root/root


    it should report something like this.

    Network Access : Allowed
    Maximum Downstream Data Rate : 10240000
    Maximum Upstream Data Rate : 512000
    Maximum Upstream Channel Burst : 1600
    Maximum Number of CPEs : 1
    Modem Capability : Concatenation Enabled, Fragametation Enabled, PHS Disabled

    also the upstream and downstream levels.

    post them in here if possible.

    What version of firmware are you running on the WRT54GS?
  7. micken

    micken LI Guru Member

    Thanks for the reply Toxic. I'll do the things you advise when I'm at home in about six hours time and post back.


  8. micken

    micken LI Guru Member

    Hi again. CmOpConfig is exactly as you have it in your post.

    Cable Modem Downstream
    Downstream Lock : Locked
    Downstream Channel Id : 3
    Downstream Frequency : 586750000 Hz
    Downstream Modulation : QAM64
    Downstream Symbol Rate : 6952 Ksym/sec
    Downstream Interleave Depth : taps12Increment17
    Downstream Receive Power Level : -4.4 dBmV
    Downstream SNR : 31.9 dB

    Cable Modem Upstream
    Upstream Lock : Locked
    Upstream Channel ID : 1
    Upstream Frequency : 33584000 Hz
    Upstream Modulation : QPSK
    Upstream Symbol Rate : 2560 Ksym/sec
    Upstream transmit Power Level : 45.8 dBmV
    Upstream Mini-Slot Size : 2

    Firmware version is v1.50.5

    I note from the liksys website that the latest firmware version for WRT54GS is v1.50.8, so that might be the starting point.

    There's also a GPL download but I don't know what that's for.

    Still at amoeba level on learning curve :thumb:
  9. micken

    micken LI Guru Member

    OK so now I'm a tadpole I just flashed the firmware to v1.50.8 :grin:
  10. micken

    micken LI Guru Member

    Did hard reset of router after firmware upgrade then full power cycle for modem, router and pc.

    Tested the speed by downloading SP2 whilst running a trial version of Network Magic Premium with Speed Meter Pro that allowed me to monitor the WAN and LAN speeds.

    Got a throughput of 9.98mbps on the WAN according to Speed Meter Pro. The Windows download information settled on 1.16MB/s. All wired LAN connections are 100Mbps and the wireless connection is 54Mbps.

    Using Speakeasy speed tests to NY concurrently on two wired desktops gives Download speeds of 6+Mbps and Upload speeds of 470+kbps on both machines.

    Looks like this has settled the issue of the 10meg connection being effectively routed through the WRT54GS.

    I can recommend Network Magic for checking and managing your home network. There's a 30 day trial of the Premium edition which drops to a Basic freebie afterwards. I have reservations about the purchase of the Premium version being on an annual subscription basis, however it's not that expensive considering the ease of use of the software and it's GUI. I'll see what the freebie leaves me with after the trial period.

    Details here

    Thanks once again for all the helpful advice and I hope that the comments I've added will assist others in getting the best out of this router. From my reading I know it's a mixed bag of tricks and that there's a certain love / hate relationship with the later models like mine.

    Wonder if I'll be attracted to 3rd party firmware? For the moment though .... if it ain't broke .....

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