To: GreggS; about your broadband TV decoder private message

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Esquire, Oct 22, 2004.

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    I'm not sure if you got my reply to your provate message, so here's the answer again with a bit more details.

    First, you do need their NEC modem! It may look like a router with all the ports at the back but as provided it is not - just treat it as a normal modem in this case (albeit with a twist, see below). I hope you have kept it because a) you need it to have both TV and broadband, and b) you need to return the whole set (router, power supply, phone socket microfilters, cables, etc.) when you terminate services with them since it is on loan to you, else there will be a surcharge - the amount of each item is posted on their website - see Non-site Visit Services under Service Plans). You can refer to their Terms & Conditions for more details about your legal obligations, in particular section 4 on Service Provisioning Equipment.

    Now (plz excuse the pun) on to your question. What you need to do is hook up your router's WAN port to the modem's port 1 and configure the router to use its built-in PPPoE dialler with your login ID etc. (just like an ordinary modem+router setup). Next, switch off your NOW decoder hook it up to the modem's port 4, switch on your decoder again, and your broadband TV should be active again.

    You may wonder what the other ports at the back are for. Well, if you switch off your decoder and hook up a 2nd computer to either port 2 or 3, you can login and connect to the Internet independent of the first computer, with a different IP address from the 1st computer (but when the decoder has been switched off).

    Post here if you need more assistance.

    Good luck.
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