Toastman build for ASUS RT-N16

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by bestcow, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. bestcow

    bestcow Networkin' Nut Member

    Hi, in Toastman build, there are RT and RT-N versions for ASUS RT-N16.
    As I know, RT-N version is built with a newer wireless driver and I remember that Toastman recommends to flash RT version as it will be more stable than RT-N version on RT-N16.
    Now my question is: is it still recommend to flash RT version on RT-N16 but not RT-N?
    Any difference between RT & RT-N on wireless driver? Say performance or feature?

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  2. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    Asus firmware uses the RT-N driver, so does EasyTomato and that's what I use too!. The RT-N16 has plenty of ram/flash so size isn't an issue with this router as it is with some others.
  3. bestcow

    bestcow Networkin' Nut Member

    Is the wireless performance will be better than RT version?

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  4. koitsu

    koitsu Network Guru Member

    I'll give you the same advice I've given others who ask this exact question (and have on this forum in the past):

    Why don't you try it and find out? Seriously, that's the only way to tell. Some people have better luck with RT-N (like myself), others have better luck with RT. So try it and find out.
  5. bestcow

    bestcow Networkin' Nut Member

    Thanks for the info. Actually I have found the answer before this post but seems the information I got is not solid enough to making decision.
    Anyway, thanks again and seems it really no solid answer on it. ^_^

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  6. koitsu

    koitsu Network Guru Member

    There is a solid answer: try both and find which works better for you. This has been stated all over the forums, and I believe Toastman himself has even said it. Sorry to sound rude/crass, but I don't know why you can't accept this as an answer; not everything in technology (especially with regards to wireless) is black and white.
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  7. bestcow

    bestcow Networkin' Nut Member

    Ok, thx.

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  8. Lassik

    Lassik Networkin' Nut Member

    Kinda on topic with the original question. I'm looking to go from an old teddy_bear build on my RT-N16 to a newer toastman build. With the amount of memory on the RT-N16 i'm looking to just go the build with the most features to tinker around a bit. I read through the description of the builds but i'm still a little confused.

    Is the following version the one I would be looking for?

  9. koitsu

    koitsu Network Guru Member

    The RT-N16 does not have 64KBytes of NVRAM, nor does it have 60KBytes of NVRAM. Do not use either build. Look for ones which lack NVRAM64K or NVRAM60K designators.
  10. mvsgeek

    mvsgeek LI Guru Member

    Don't think so :eek:
    This is from Toastmans's versions.txt file on 4shared:

    You CANNOT run 60K builds on other routers such as the RT-N16 as they do NOT have 60K NVRAM. The display will show 60K but the router will brick if you use more than 32K. The CFE would need to be changed to allow 60K - and nobody has done that yet.

    You might try this one :
    Tomato Firmware v1.28.0501.3 MIPSR2Toastman-RT-N K26 USB VLAN-Ext

    It's been very stable on my RT-N16.
  11. Lassik

    Lassik Networkin' Nut Member

    @mvsgeek, @koitsu

    Thank you both for the info. I appreciate the assistance. :)
  12. bestcow

    bestcow Networkin' Nut Member

    Another question, in Toastman build(RT), the internet connection will be interrupted if QOS or bandwidth limiter starts/disable, I used Tomato DualWan build(1.28) before and it will not occur this.
    Any idea to avoid this?
    In addition, with 20Mhz channel and auto wireless mode, my WiFi speed just gets around 114Mbps or even less speed even in acceptable interference level(got link ~40 scores in inSSIDer), why I can't get 150Mbps?:(
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