Tofu 7 - Thibor WDS or WET GUI FAQ?

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by mstorie, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. mstorie

    mstorie Network Guru Member

    First off, I cant find any FAQS on this or any site (aside from SVEASOFT) that accurately describe the differences in different bridge/repeater functions like Client Mode, WET, WDS, WDS-AP, etc. Its one thing to be on the forums for months on end and compile your own code and scripts. Its something totally different for a newb like myself to want to enable these functions and spend hours on these forums reading how someone enabled these functions using only WDS+WEP six months ago with a script. That solution doent help me with a new Thibor or Tofu build where we are now looking at the GUI's. So, where does someone like myself start?

    #1) Is there a central respository on this site or on the site that actually explains the pro's and con's to using these different features? i.e. a FAQ so I dont have to read through tons of posts based on WRT54G and WRT54GS compatibilities, etc which dont affect me?

    #2) New features are often mentioned in newer threads and build release notes, but I cant seem to find a "how-to" for any of them. Should I just assume all features are "bleeding edge" and if I get any of them to work I should consider myslef lucky?

  2. Jimmi

    Jimmi Network Guru Member

    Anyone? I was looking for the same things.
  3. mstorie

    mstorie Network Guru Member

    This is my frustration with these builds. No support.

    I work for Cisco and would be more than willing to donate $$ and keep this site going since I know its alot of work. But it's only beneficial to those who spend countless hours "in the weeds" on scripting etc. Why bother with a GUI when there is no documentation (online or otherwise) to support the stated features? This post has been read plenty, either by others who have the same/similar questions, or those in the know. But still we have no answer, so I must assume that getting any or all of these features to work is pure luck. While there are useful threads across all of the forums (not just this one), every newbie has to duplicate efforts drudging through old threads for hours with the hope of learning something.

    It would be nice to see:

    #1) More FAQ's or sticky posts especially since alot of folks have the same questions, and wouldn't need to create another new thread for the same things like setting WPA-PSK with WET or WDS, or when should one use MAC filters with these features. Why doesn't WPA-PSK work (i.e. must use WEP) sometimes?
    #2) A link to actual documentation. Any documentation that is updated periodically. If I've missed it (and manual is useless), then please share. I see nothing on TOFU or Thibor Builds, and known configurations that work.
    #3) A list of known compatibility issues. Alot of folks are spending alot of time on the same stuff. There is no central knowledgebase that states known working setups. Alot of folks are now asking about V5 setups... what does and doesnt work, etc? Why shouldnt I buy a V5 router?

    I'm assuming changes to Linksys equipment etc are simply too much for this community to stay on top of, and so again I feel that getting any or all of the stated features to work is pure chance/luck. Anyone disagree?
  4. pharma

    pharma Network Guru Member

    Unfortunately, your only current option is to find threads which describe how-to. One example is the WDS sticky at in the HyperWRT forum ... the last couple threads people describe how they were able to get WDS working with Tofu/Thibor firmware builds.

    I think for the most part people have to figure out through trial & error how the new options are supposed to work -- and the new options are basically for those who know what they are supposed to do. For many who have a little knowledge or were running scripts in the past it really isn't too much of a stretch to figure out how the GUI functions, but some do have problems which they work through via trial & error, or by posting a thread.

    And one thing to keep in mind is this is free third-party firmware, so don't expect to much in the way of hand-holding from the developers. Most of us are just happy to have the developers doing what they do best ...

    Perhaps it might be better to ask people who got advanced third-party features to work if they would mind creating "sticky's" describing how they did it.

    If the support not is not what you foresaw, then you really need to go back to the official linksys firmware.

    Just my thoughts ...


  5. jdepew

    jdepew Administrator Staff Member Member

    Hey guys,

    Trust me, I feel your frustration. Toxic and I try to keep up on as much as possible, but we could definitely use more help.

    If anyone is willing to pull together FAQs, How-To's or a wiki of sorts, we'd be more than happy to give it the recognition it deserves!

    Truth is, we both have full time jobs and manage the site as best we can, its just tough with only two 'full timers.'

    Heck, I'm still trying to pull together about 5 diferent reviews that keep managing to fall in priority for studying for Hem-Onc, Renal pathophys or whatever the course flavor of the week is.

    I guess we can turn this into a - Do you want to help out, become part of the LinksysInfo team? Do you have a nack for pulling together FAQ's or How-To's? Want to better manage our year and half old stickies? PM me, we'll get talking and get you in the game.

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