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Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by Ragnorok, Mar 19, 2006.

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    - I just installed Tofu13b on my WRT54Gv4 and I'm playing with it. Sooner or later I'll probably go to Thibor14, but Tofu may be doing everything I need it to do for now, so I haven't reflashed it. Perhaps if I ever get one of those spiffy SL-GS routers Thibor keeps on about, I'll have no choice! (wink) But for now I have naught such hardware.
    - I've got a few questions about configuring this that I haven't really discovered answers to, despite hours of searching today. I'm sure as soon as I post this I'll find the answer, but I'm posting it anyway. (wide grin)

    1. How do I prevent telnetd from loading? I have ssh set up, and don't want telnetd to run. Right now I ssh in each time I boot up the router and manually kill it. I haven't found anything "normal", like an inittab or rc directory that I'd use for a standard Linux distro. I also haven't read anything about when in the boot sequence runs, though I haven't tried a killall in there yet to see if it works.

    2. How does filtering work in the UI? I have web sites and keywords in the block lists, but nothing seems to make any difference, which is just what I experienced with the stock firmware. Is there some special format I'm supposed to be using? What file on the system gets updated by the block lists? Does it support regexp?

    3. The WRT54G v4 is supposed to have 4 megs of flash, yet a "df" on the command line indicates 2496 blocks. I'm used to a block being 512 bytes, but even if it's 1024, that's only 2.5 megs. Where did the rest of it go? I'm guessing, and it's only a guess, that the firmware is doing some razzle-dazzle to map the extra to /tmp, since that appears to be the primary writeable partition. Also, "free" says there are 14460 blocks available, which makes 3.7 megs with a 256 byte block size, and 1484 blocks free, which is about 380K.

    - Some link to this info would be stellar, if such exists. I've kinda assumed (eeeek!) that if the info isn't on, it doesn't exist, so I haven't really spent any time searching the whole web.
    - Thanks for your time...
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