[tomato 0.04] 45kpbs constant download

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by wycf, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. wycf

    wycf Network Guru Member

    One of the feature I love Tomato is the bandwidth chart! But I just found out something that I didn't noticed before.

    Last night I turned off my PC and went to bed. This morning when I look the bandwidth chart, I found that during the night, there is a constant download at about 45kbps on the vlan1. The br0 and eth1 chart shows no traffic at all.

    On my home network the two network devices working at night is the WRT54G (tomato)and the Linksys P2P box for my IP phone line. So I unplugged the PAP2 and shutdown all my PC, waited a while and went back check the chart. There is still the 45kpbs download. Then I unplug all the LAN cables from the back of the router, leave the WAN cable connected. After a while I can still see the 45k download!

    I think vlan1 chart is for the WAN side. So it must be the router trying something itself. Or, maybe my cable modem keeps pushing data down to the router?

    I am not clear what cause the download ( seems there is no upload from the chart). So can someone help me to explain this? Is this the built-in feature of the router, or is it the bug of Tomato?

  2. bigl2

    bigl2 Network Guru Member

    I cannot say what's this but for sure my Tomato shows correctly no traffic at night. But if it shows traffic when there is no device conected is odd. Did you wait few minutes and then refreshed chart? I as because chart is recalculated every minute so there i no way to see changes instantly.
  3. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    It may be handshaking with your Internet connection. I know my Cable modem activity light (and my "WAN" light on my WRT54G) blink constantly even if no computers are attached. I don't know what kind of bandwidth that pulls, and I'd be surprised if simple handshaking was that high, but you never know...
  4. skoub

    skoub Network Guru Member

    me too have the same problem. Theres a constant trafic of the wan but my two computers was off. I dont remember that i had this thing with the 0.03
  5. wycf

    wycf Network Guru Member

    OK, I reboot the router test it again and the result is the same.

    So 45kbps means:
    45kbps x 24hour x 60min x 60sec=3,888,000 kbit/day

    It is 486,000 Byte or 486KB (1 byte= 8 bit) per day.

    I know that it's almost nothing for my high-speed internet connection but I knid of want to know what is happening there. Just handshake? Does hankshake requires both download and upload? Maybe it just my modem want to shake hand with the router and my WRT54G just ignore it. :( OR. somebody is hacking me!!!

    I don't know if you can get the vlan1 monitored if use DDWRT or HyperWRT . Anyone know?
  6. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    Well, what you might want to do, if you are concerned, is enable external logging and log the connections to WallWatcher or an equivalent software package. That will at least give you IP addresses and other data.
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