Tomato 0.09 for Buffalo WHR-G54S

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by stegano, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. stegano

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  2. GeeTek

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    Very very nice. Thanks Jon !! This is Awesome ! I'll flash a few buffies and will post back with a report !
  3. GeeTek

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    Just flashed 2 WHR-G54S radios with 9.0865 with the GUI. Upgraded fine. (The old router name from the previous firmware was still there until I held the reset down for awhile). Ethernet Bridged mode and WDS worked great. I noticed a few curiosities; In ethernet bridge mode I needed to input the gateway to establish connectivity. Could not ping/access the host AP, but accessing the primary router and the internet were fine. Seems like a gateway setting should not be required for ethernet bridge mode. Still have not tested client mode. In WDS mode, the B/G only settings do not seem to change the available manual speeds in the advanced settings menu. While set for B only in basic mode, I was able to set 18 Mb speed in advanced. Also, the WDS link worked fine with one radio set for B only and the other set for G only. The wireless bandwidth graph seems to show only half as much bandwidth that the LAN graph indicates. The LAN graph seems to be the accurate amount although still not as high as the peak value that I was actually downloading at. I need to do a lot more testing undestand things better. Already though, all new installs are going in with Tomato !! I'll see how the HP model does tomorrow.

    Edit - I hope nobody interpreted these observations as a negative in any way. I ran client mode and found out that the wireless acts as a WAN client and the NAT of the router engages to provided Nated service to the LAN ports of the Radio. Tomato has incredible flexability of function and performance. Very excellent firmware. Very functional. Thanks again Jon. Very nice programming work !! I will learn more and more how it works. I hate WiKies, so maybe we can start an operation manual on one of these sites soon. I know how to use FrontPage, so maybe it will be me that pops up with a how-to site !
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